Monday, 15 October 2007

Saturday workshop

Our workshop on Saturday was hectic but enjoyable. Inspired by my friend Gill Boyle's exhibition that I blogged about here I had prepared a sheet of random textures on Friday evening at home. I flung anything and everything at the paper from painted paper towel through magazine paper, texture paste, material, corrugated card, silk paper to lace and leaves.

At the workshop I applied gesso to most areas but left some areas clear so that some of the map and newsprint will show thro. I then applied a first layer of gold ochre ink to provide a base.

I am really pleased with some of these texture areas. As blogger again won't enlarge here is a detail:

Actually, on here it looks like a load of rubbish covered in paint. LOL. :o)) but it is only the beginning. As usual I have ploughed in with no plan, just an idea that I want to make a highly textured surface based loosely on the textures in a stone/rock face. We shall see..........

What else did I do on Saturday? Oh yes. Remember this?

Well, I wanted to enrich the colour so I added reds and some brown inks. Sorry but I forgot to take a pic and it's too dark at present. It still needs some more work and I'm going to use some copper acrylic paint next and then more dark reds on top. I'll put a photo up when I've done the next stage.
Oooh! I've just thought.....I wonder what that lutradur with the gold thread would do for it?......... or even any lutradur.......might be worth a go.

What else did I do on Saturday? Had a laugh and a good natter and exchanged arty ideas...what else is a workshop for? Excellent!


The Wittering Rainbow said...

Sounds like an excellent workshop - just as they should be. I'm also the sort of person who really enjoys chucking stuff at stuff and seeing what happens - great fun!

Gunnels blog said...

It seems like a wonderful workshops! I want to go with you! I want to learn this kind of collage!