Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I wasn't disappointed

Gill Boyle's exhibition at the Willoughby Memorial Trust Gallery (see this morning's post) was inspirational. The exhibition covered many aspects of her work from watercolour painting to highly textured and embellished textile work. By a stroke of luck Gill turned up while we were there and she has given me permission to show one or two photographs here.
This piece includes seedpods, textiles, scrim, skeletal leaves, beads and metal.
This is a detail from a large piece of embellished fibres and embroidery which won Gill a Madeira Embroidery prize. I could not decide what had been used to give a waxen looking finish to this piece (wax maybe?) but the surface was thickly encrusted and many materials had been included. The image above is a detail of what was about a 24" x 16" canvas.
This is a detail from a large painting which I liked for its colour.

Gill very kindly gave me permission to show her work here so please respect her copyright - as will I. I'm hoping that Gill will soon run some classes so that I can learn some of her techniques first hand. Regrettably she does not have a website at present. I find it is often easier to pick something up when someone shows you and you then try it for yourself.


Purple Missus said...

Julie, your Lutradur samples are fantastic and what a wonderful way to use it, it will make an amazing cover.
The exhibition you went to looks remarkable and I totally agree it is so much easier to listen and learn than what it is to just read or look.

sue said...

Have a great holiday, havent tried Lutrador yet although I have some waiting in my stash- must try and play asap.