Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Roar of Water

I've managed to do a little arty work today towards the October Lottery on Mixed Media ATCs -UK and hopefully I'll be able to blog those soon when they're finished - just some stitching and sticking to do.
I have to admit I've spent a fair amount of the last two days blog browsing, I keep getting sidetracked to blogs I haven't visited before and I've been having a lovely time! Not so much a couch potato as a laptop potato!
I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms from the holiday. I've been really tired today and lacking energy, probably everything catching up with me. Let's hope for better tomorrow. In the meantime I'll leave you with a painting I did some time ago. I started with a painted sheet of watercolour paper and then drew the lion in sepia pen. I then added textures and more painted areas. Some of the textures were achieved by using masking fluid and painting over and some by (if my memory serves me right), scribbling with pva glue and painting over. The painting was based on a fountain at Belton House a local manor house now owned by the National Trust. (You may remember seeing said house on "Watercolour Challenge" many moons ago).


imac said...

DW didnt mention that when entered into a competition, that she got commended for her work.(DH)

Gina said...

Wow... that's fabulous Julie. Not surprised it got commended! Hope you have more energy tomorrow.