Thursday, 11 October 2007

ATCs and memories

I finally remembered today to photograph some ATCs that were waiting for me when I got back from Austria. They were from a swap at Mixed Media ATC_UK on a theme of "coast". This mixed media ATC was from Becky

Jenny made this paper ATC which has a vintage print of a silk postcard I think.

And Sandra made this mixed media card which includes a card which would originally have been included in a packet of cigarettes. I've got some somewhere, I must look them out. Years ago when the dangers of smoking were not so well known my uncles used to give me their cigarette cards. I can remember my nanna having a huge boxful of these things - I used to spend hours sorting them out into sets. It brings back memories of the whole atmosphere at my nan's house. I'm talking about the late 1950's early 60's here. My nan lived in a bungalow on Canvey Island in Essex and I always felt happy there. Nan was a great cook, although she had lost her sense of taste and smell in a car accident, and she was always busy cooking great pans of stew or bottling fruit, making her famous chutney and bottling pickles. Anybody who came to the house always left with a jar of something. My uncles always spoiled my brother and I. They would challenge me to a game of Solitaire (the peg game) and always bet me threepence (1.5pence) that I couldn't complete it. I had learned a system and always won the threepence (needless to say).

My other memory of my nan's house was believing that fairies lived under the floorboards. This was a very old rented bungalow and there was a hole in the bedroom floor with a space under it. Presumably in pursuit of any possible mice, he cat used to disappear down this hole from time to time. I think one of my uncles must have told me there were fairies down there and I believed him, well you would, wouldn't you?

I could go on all day about Pendower but I'll save some memories for another time. Unfortuantely the bungalow was knocked down many years ago and 4 houses built on the site. I believe the house was named Pendower by my nan as she had originated in Cambourne in Cornwall.

Back to ATCs, I finished the 2 cards for the October Lottery today.

The theme is "Pink" to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This was my first attempt at needle felting, the poor man's version with a sponge scourer and a hand held needle! It was great fun but it has its limitations - bring on the embellisher!

This is my mixed media effort using several of the pieces Helen sent me in the goody bag before I went on hols. Now I see it on the screen I think it needs something else - perhaps I'll tickle it a bit tomorrow.


artisbliss said...

I love the pink ACTs!

artisbliss said...

Have you ever tried wet felting? I've done a bit and it works pretty well.

Gina said...

The pink felt ATC is gorgeous Julie. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful memories.

zinkibaru said...

I love your meedle felting. I want an embellisher too!