Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Innocent Smoothies part 2

I'm quite pleased with myself today. I've had a productive day for once. I woke up way too early with my brain buzzing so, once DH had got off to work, I decided to get up and start the day. Mind you it still wasn't a rapid start but at least I wasn't still in bed at 10 o'clock.

I wanted to have a play with making fabric paper a la Fibre & Stitch. I set out my stall with waxed paper, well, a corn flakes bag, laid out on which I laid the muslin. The idea was then to paste the muslin with a 50/50 mix of pva let down with water. This was the fun part! I got wonderfully stuck up as the muslin wouldn't stay flat while I was brushing the paste on.

Once the muslin was coated in paste I laid on a layer of tissue paper that I had already crumpled up so that it was nice and crinkly and brushed over again with paste. The final step at this stage was to apply pigment, in my case acrylic inks, while everything was still wet.

The photograph was taken while everything was still wet so the colours won't be right. The swirls are red gold acrylic ink which is really thick. I'll be interested to see how it has dried tomorrow. (Hopefully it won't all have stuck to the waxed paper).

I'm currently working on some mixed media ATCs using only natural materials and I got those 3 parts finished but I can't show any pix until after the swap at the end of the month.

Following my post about the Innocent Smoothies yesterday I dug out some knitting needles and wool and had a go at making the little woolly hats. And, tah dah! I made three!

Don't tell anyone but my needles were too big so I think they're a bit oversized but better that than too small. lol All I have to do now is get them posted.


liz said...

Hi Julie thanks for your answer on my blog:) I think the time swao has been my favourite so far.
Love the smoothie hats:)

StegArt said...

Love the colors in your fabric paper.

Purple Missus said...

You've been busy Julie.
Don't you just love it when you have something you are pleased with at the end of a days play?
Look forward to seeing what you do with the fabric paper.

Gina said...

There are going to be some very smart smoothie bottles in Sainsburys next month!