Wednesday, 17 October 2007


I had to go to Patchings today (of Patchings Festival fame) to collect a garland so I turned it into a pleasant trip out with my friend Ann. It's been an absolutely glorious day here today with just a nip in the air to remind you that winter is on its way.

Patchings is a very attractive Arts Centre in the Nottinghamshire countryside with a main exhibition gallery and a second exhibition space located in the shop. In addition there is a materials shop and several small studio galleries where working artists display their art for sale and are available for a chat at various times during the week. The Arts Centre also has a thriving art group and holds many classes and workshops.

Needless to say Ann and I spent a very pleasant couple of hours browsing the display shop and, after a cuppa and cake, had a friendly chat with Jo Lloyd a resident artist who specialises in hand made rugs. Jo is shortly going to be doing a workshop on Textile design so I have put my name down.

There was no time for art work today but my fabric paper has dried out and it's looking quite interesting.

These colours are a bit adrift I think but that's the vagaries of monitors. The little dots are sparkles on the tissue paper I used. Next I have to finish the fabric paper off and make something with it - probably a book cover - all by the end of the month. Phew!

Sorry! What did you say? Shopping? No, of course I didn't buy anything at Patchings! Moi?! (Sssh, DH reads my blog!) Lol. Oh, alright then. I bought some silk paints and some Treasure Gold. VBG! (Very Big Grin or Very Bad Girl - you choose). LOL


imac said...

Ah, no wonder I got bread n cheese for dinner.haha. just joking my sweet. :):).(DH)

sue said...

Patchings is only about 5 mile from where I live but I rarely go, I think this proves that you never visit places on your doorstep..... really must make the effort again soon

Barbara said...

what a cool fabricpaper!!Greetings Barbara