Monday, 24 September 2007

More brass & Lutradur

As promised these are the rubbings that I did yesterday afternoon. There were more but they are on blue paper and are not so clear. The lady's head with the wonderful headdress belongs to the hands alongside and the hands on the far right you have already seen yesterday.

I have had an enjoyable time in the studio today playing with lutradur and lace for the Fibre & Stitch Challenge. I have worked with a combination of acrylic paint and inks and have to admit that I did use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process as I wanted to get all the layers painted today.

This is the first layer of inks in red madder deep and magenta. It also has a tiny touch of blue here and there. On the left hand edge is a little acrylic bronze paint which I put on by mistake at this stage. I dried the ink and then painted on acrylic interference paint in shimmering red.
The next stage was to paint a layer of acrylic bronze paint (above).And finally a mixture of inks : magenta, red madder deep, brown brazil (just 2 drops) and gold red.

This detail gives a better idea of the colour which in reality is wonderfully rich and lustrous and which changes as the light catches it. I used bondaweb to attach the lace to the lutradur and the remains of that is showing slightly lighter. My plan now is to apply some hand stitching in metallic thread to secure the pieces of lace. When it's finished I will be using this piece for the front cover of a journal.

This lutradur is a medium weight, not the heaviest and I have also painted initial washes onto some other pieces in lighter weights which a friend very kindly sent me. The lightest weight is beautiful and can be laid over other fibres. I will be working some more with the lighter weights and will post my results later.

I am struggling quite badly today with this anaemia thing and am wondering if I should go back to the doctor as I have had something approaching pain in my chest today again (I didn't mention this to the doctor last week). Apparently angina can be a result of anaemia but I suppose I shouldn't self diagnose. This week and next are going to be pretty busy for me so I may not get round to blogging quite as regularly for a while. Don't go away though. I'll soon have lots of pics to show.


Gina said...

What lovely rubbings Julie... we've both been doing rubbings! The lutrador is looking good too. Sorry to hear you're not feeling good again but if in doubt, get back to the doc... you need to take care of yourself!

Purple Missus said...

Theres always so much detail in brass rubbings - the skill it must have taken to cast these pieces originally, makes you think doesn't it?
Your Lutradur and lace is looking luscious :))
Fabulous colours.
So, thats a doctors appointment tomorrow for you then!!!

artisbliss said...

Lovely, Julie. I have often envied those of you in the UK the resource of your gorgeous brasses. Nothing like that here, I'm afraid, unless possibly in some of the oldest churches on the east coast. I have just purchased a little lutradur to experiment with and you've given me some wonderful inspiration.

Judy Scott said...

I love your L & L, take care of yourself and even if youre busy take time to see the doc :) Judy

Anne Wigfull said...

I do like your L&L piece, it's far more successful than my clunky attempt, using crochet instead of a finer lace motif semed like a good idea at the time:}