Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Fibre & Stitch

I've finally completed the lutradur and lace challenge for Fibre & Stitch and will be posting it on the group site this morning. I have enjoyed the experimenting so far and will be doing much more with it, I hope. I know I haven't been as adventurous as some of the ladies and have kept my piece quite simple. I certainly haven't attacked it with any heat sources so far. I did a small piece earlier on and hit it with a heat gun and didn't like the result I got with that particular piece as it buckled up. However, I have seen another artist's work who dealt with a similar result by pulling silk thro the resulting holes and that looked wonderful.This compilation is a repeat of the stages the piece went through. I hope this photo of the finished piece shows up the metallic stitching as blogger won't enlarge it. I am going to use this on the front cover of my journal for my forthcoming holiday to Austria.

I am really looking forward to this afternoon. My friend Ann and I are going to an exhibition at the Willoughby Memorial Gallery at Corby Glen. The exhibition is by another friend Gill Boyle who works with fibre and paint. Hopefully I will be able to take some pics which I will post tonight.

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