Tuesday, 21 August 2007


No, I haven't been on the QM2 but mum has and I've been sorting out her holiday pix on the computer for her today ready for printing. Among them was this great textural pic of a fixture on the deck of the Queen Mary - I don't know what it actually is but I can see several possibilities with the surface.

We had a funny moment today. I rang my friend June up to see if we could pop up for a visit. About an hour later we were standing on her doorstep ringing her doorbell. We turned round to see June coming across her garden towards us. She had just come from my house! She couldn't understand why nobody was in when she got there! Doh! She thought I'd asked her to come across to me! Well, it seemed hilarious at the time.....you had to be there! :o))

Isn't this planter attractive? Not mine, it's June's handiwork.

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