Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Wintry Wednesday

Sorry to harp on about the weather but here in the East of England it's cold enough for November today! Having said that, the sun did come out once or twice today and, when it did, it was lovely and warm. No art again today, although it's all going on in my head. Actually, there should have been art yesterday. I am so embarrassed! I was checking my diary this morning and discovered that I should have been at a printing workshop yesterday! Oh no! Another senior moment. You should have heard me grovel for England to my teacher..... actually, I couldn't grovel really as it was a genuine mistake. Thank goodness my teacher knows me well and is the forgiving kind. I've signed up for another workshop next Friday to make up for missing this one. Doh!!!

This beautiful butterfly was feeding on a plant at a local garden centre we went to this afternoon. I don't think it's a tortoiseshell but I'm not sure. The underside of the wings are beautiful too.

We're going to Burghley House near Stamford tomorrow where they have a sculpture garden so I should have some pix hopefully and some inspiration.

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Gina said...

What beautiful photographs of the butterfly!