Friday, 3 August 2007

My impatience got the better of me today and I washed off the crisps from the copper tags to find these lovely patterns. There were traces of "verdigris" in as much as the crisps had gone green (very appetising!) but this washed off. I found that the tags at the bottom of the pile had apparently not been in touch with the wet crisps and had only changed on one side so I've put those back and rewetted them to see if they will now get this lovely patterning. I've also put a few tags outside in with my rusty pieces to see what effect the natural processes have on them. I think it may be possible to roll the long tags to make beads, especially if I incorporate threads and/or fibres. I intend to attack one or two with a flame to see how that affects the surface.

I started to paint the canvas I covered earlier in the week, as you can see below. I started with pale colours reminiscent of a rock surface but then decided I wanted to use stronger colours. I quite like the change from the red to the bluer area at the bottom but I intend to work more on the main area tomorrow. It's very unusual for me to work in such strong reds. I am much more of a turqoise/gold person normally. So now I'm outside my comfort zone.(Eek!)

Talking of tomorrow I am getting together with some friends for a "play" session. We usually meet with a teacher from September to May and this year decided to carry on meeting up once a month through the summer. We all work in different ways with mixed media and get a great buzz out of sharing new ideas and interpretations. It is great to be able to see how even a small group of people approach the same subject.

We are in for a busy weekend. Art for me tomorrow while DH dogsits for our friends so that my DF can come to art and then visit her husband in hospital having his third joint replacement operation. It won't end there, he is down to have his shoulder repaired next. Talk about the bionic man! Then, on Sunday, we are going to Nottingham to see DH's youngest son. There is a big riverside festival going on over there this weekend so we may see some of the events on Sunday. I just hope my stamina holds up. I have been struggling quite badly this week with fatigue and combined with the forecast heat I think I may find things a bit difficult. Oh well, I shall just have to rest after the weekend.

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Stewcat said...

I discovered your blog through reading Maggie's. I love your "play" pieces. Your about me description describes me also.
Are crisps the same as what we call potato chips? The copper tags are great.