Monday, 6 August 2007

The best laid plans,

as they say, go awry. What was I saying about a busy weekend? Well, I was half right. Saturday went ahead with the arty get-together as planned and I had a small play with the puff paint and managed to get some paint on the net covered canvas. Actually, I should have said inks. I dampened the canvas with water first and then dropped the inks in (Schmincke inks for airbrush painting). I do like the way the inks have penetrated through the layers of the net - I hope this shows up in the photo. I also got an initial colour onto the two puff paint trials I did. (piccies of this later)

Sunday saw a complete change of plan as DS had forgotten we were going to see him and had gone camping in Wales! (How do they do that? I thought poor memory happened to the more mature brain, not 20-somethings! lol). His Dad delighted in telling him that we had glorious sunshine here, unlike Wales where it was pouring rain - sorry Wales). So, instead of a trip to Nottingham, we went to look at a few local gardens that were open for the weekend.

I love the colour of these rudbeckias (I think that's what they are) and I love the patterns the strong sunlight was making on the lawn thro the trees. Our first stop was to have some lunch in one of the gardens and, as luck would have it we bumped into two very dear friends of mine. The fountain is in the back garden of the house where we had lunch.

By the way, do you know? Ever since I saw the first Harry Potter film I always expect photos of people to move!!!! How mad is that?

In case the photo below won't enlarge I can tell you that the plaque says "One who plants a garden plants happiness". It's in the garden at the top of this entry which belongs to a lovely gentleman who I believe is in his 90's!

We rounded the day off with a chinese meal at our house with 4 friends. We had a great evening but unfortunately I had a bad night brought on by the chinese I think. 3 o'clock in the morning saw me sitting in the conservatory with indigestion and trying to cool off. DH took pity on me and made me a peppermint tea. Looks like no more Chinese meals for me, this isn't the first time I've had a problem.

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