Monday, 6 August 2007

Monday is Puff Paint Day

I have to thank Maggie Grey for giving me some advice about how to use puff paint as I hadn't a clue and just had a go Saturday when I used a stencil to apply it to a paper base. The seahorse and the sun on the golden card are as far as I got.

Today I have been experimenting and using puff paint with stamps of varying kinds, both commercial and home made, and by pressing items into puff paint spread on a surface.

You can see some of the items I used in the photo below. I did find that the loofah piece and the slice of wood did not print very well, although the texture they left was quite delicate. So far I think the foam and the rubber stamps have given the best images, altho you have to be careful not to be too heavy handed. I experimented with stamping puff paint onto pieces of material that I hope to use in ATCs eventually.

I quite like the effect on the material and have again used inks to colour the print.

I don't know how clear the image alongside is but I particularly like the effect in the top left hand corner. I smoothed puff paint onto the paper and then impressed or rolled various things into the paint - including pieces of plastic, a drink stirrer, a cinnamon stick (!). I think the possibilities are endless! You can be fairly precise with colouring the resulting image or you can be freer if you don't mind the paint or ink bleeding into the surrounding paper/fabric.

Finally, I applied puff paint to some prepainted canvas and then pushed various pieces of fibre and material into it so that some PP came thro. When I applied the heat gun the puff paint expanded and seems to be holding the pieces in place. In the second pic I again painted the piece with inks. I will have to finish this off and will probably stitch through in places to hold anything that is in danger of falling off. (Note to self: remove plastic card out of the way of the heat gun! Lucky it wasn't a credit card! :o) )

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MargaretR said...

I love your sense of colour, that yellow brings out all the other colours doesn't it?