Thursday, 12 July 2007

Lincoln continued

I 've pinched a few of DH's photos of Lincoln as they are better than mine - don't tell him lol.

This building houses a restaurant and fronts onto the High Street in Lincoln. As you can see the river runs right underneath it.
I think this is a better shot of the sculpture over the river. You can just see the building in the photo above in the background.

This is how the photo of steep hill should look - upright buildings. Lol

I haven't had chance for much art today but I have been cutting up an old painting of mine to make a start point for some mixed media ATCs for a potential swap. Freebirdsings at sparked off the idea so thank you freebirdsings :). I'm so pleased with the result I'm going to start another one. The idea is to turn the sheet over so that you can't see what you are getting until the piece is cut up. This is what I started with - an abstract painting full of different textures. I'll have to photograph the cut up pieces and post them later.

And here's a detail of the July Journal Page - I think it's a little clearer.

Finally this is an ATC I have started incorporating angelina fibres.


smokepole said...

this will be our secret julie. very nice picture. you and stewart must travel alot.

Julie said...

;)thanks smokepole! We like to holiday when we can but we always have a camera wherever we are - local or away