Friday, 13 July 2007

Angelina and ATC's

Following on from yesterday I thought I would post an example of angelina and crystallina for anyone who hasn't come across it before. You can buy angelina in lots of colors and it can come in sheet form or shredded. The turquoise color below is angelina and the blue on the right is crystallina which is a coarser and longer length of angelina with crinkly edges. All 3 forms can be used together, shredded or cut up and can be fused together by placing the fibres between two sheets of paper and ironing with a medium temperature iron. You don't need to iron for long but you may need to turn the parcel over and iron on the other side if it is a bit thick.

These are various samples I made combining different amounts of angelina sheet, fibres and/or crystallina. I have also sprinkled cut threads onto the surface and then put on more fusible fibres to hold them.

These are the ATC bases I got out of cutting up my abstract painting yesterday. Some of them pretty much stand as they are but some could be worked on a bit more. I have started another background abstract today which I hope to use for a postcard swap.

I am absolutely worn out today so I'll keep this short and hopefully sweet.

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