Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Day trip to Lincoln

I haven't been able to get onto the internet much over the last few days as our Pc crashed, well blew its motherboard actually, and we have had to invest in and wait for a new one. (Fanfare!!) The new computer has arrived so DH is now occupied with that and I can get back on the web. Yippee!! We are having to wait for my brother to come over and sort out the internet connection as we are definitely not techies but that should be sorted by the weekend so then we should both be happy.

We had a day out in Lincoln yesterday with our friends Lynne and Richard and I thought you might like to see a few pix. There was a festival of children taking place and a local school were giving a small display of maypole dancing:

We had a walk up to the Usher Gallery and sat in the gardens for a while waiting for Lynne and Richard to finish up at the hospital. This sculpture had a real sense of power and strength about it. The pose is a bit strange as the figure is facing forward and twisting backwards.

When we got back I did quite a bit more work on my beading/stitching page for July and this is how it now looks

I have used feather stitch but the photo doesn't show it up very well but I really like the stitch. I think it needs a little more stitch work but maybe not too many more beads. This photo is a bit overexposed I'll try and get the next one a bit clearer.


katepang said...

Hi Julie, I love your site - especially as you found mine and commented! I have been trying to use beads more recently, as embellishments for my quilts, but also on bags. Rather inept at it, but I like the pictures you put up. I'll have to go find the bead journal you talk about - I'm on holiday on the west coast of Scotland at the moment though. Grabbing a few moments of peace while my partner takes the children off for an evening paddle in the rubber dinghy (its been a bit mad today as youngest turned 3 today).

katepang said...

I love feather stitch too! Can't stop using it...

Julie said...

Hi Kate Thank you for your kind comment about my site and my work. I hope you have a great holiday, I envy you being on the west coast of Scotland.