Saturday, 14 July 2007

God bless brothers

Yippee! My lovely brother (don't tell him I said that) has been over today and set our new pc up on the internet (wireless) so now DH can chat to his friends at toadgames and I can spend happy hours reading all the fantastic blogs there are out there among all my new beading, fibre, stitching, painting and mixed media-ing friends.

Having said that I have been busy playing at preparing a surface for a swap I am joining in August. I've had to come on here so that I can't fiddle while it all dries.......that's my excuse anyway lol
This is my appallingly messy workspace in the spare room. I've got a perfectly good shed/summerhouse/studio in the garden but I tend to spread out a bit (a lot if you ask DH) and at the moment I'm happy in the spare room. I will have to move out of there soon as my mum is coming to stay. The towel hanging down is getting covered in paint and ink and could well end up incorporated somewhere one day as a work of art.
This a glimpse of the prospective postcard(s) that I will cut up and work on a bit more:
At long last the sun is shining so it feels like a good day today and thank goodness I am more awake than yesterday. Let's hope it lasts on both counts.
I've just realised that it's my very old friend's birthday today. Unfortunately we've lost touch so if you're out there Lynda C from Benfleet Happy Birthday (WHSG).

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marion said...

Glad to see someone who approaches being as messy as me...I'm going to have A Shed soon, but I shouldn't think that'll mean I give up domination of the attics,the conservatory, the music room...