Monday, 10 September 2018

I'm a Weaver

Over the years the painting that started this blog off has morphed through mixed media to quilting, art quilting and two years ago to weaving.  Having come back to this blog after a bit of a break I realise I have a two year gap in my journey as a weaver and have shown very little of my weaving here.  I have been sharing it over on Facebook but I thought I'd try and keep a record here too.  So far most of my weaves have either been for myself or for presents for unsuspecting friends and family.  As I mentioned previously I am going to be selling weaves for my niece's charity Evie's Gift.  I have such a stock of yarns that it will be a relief to move some of the results of my weaving on and to raise funds for an important cause in the process.

So, where to start with the fruits of my labours over the last two and a half years?

I love this fabric that is made with mostly wool and silk (mostly Noro yarns).  I think it will end up being a jacket but it is still waiting for me to finish the sewing.

This lovely turquoise and blue confection was woven on a rigid heddle loom and is a cotton weave.  It doesn't know what it wants to be yet.

My lovely husband modelling this cotton length for me.  This has been made up into a short bolero style jacket.

I was inspired to try this seaside themed shawl by some work I saw online.  The yarns were mostly a blend of merino and silk so it was very soft and light.  The warp does all the work here and the weft was done with clasped weft so I could use 3 colours and place them where I wanted them.  This was given to a very dear friend.

The blue shawl above is a merino/silk mix with insertions and was made for another friend for the cost of the yarns.

I really like this shawl which again has a high silk content.

All the scarves above were made on the Saori loom and have various fibres in them.

I do like the shawl above.  It's on a cotton warp but the yarn is a merino/silk blend with the details/rectangles done in a wool from Drops.

I'm not sure about the shawl above.  It's not my cup of tea colour-wise and was a bit of an experiment.

This shawl was on a warp that I made at The Saori Shed in Diss and was given to another very special friend a while ago.  I do love playing with colour and inserting textures and shapes.  Saori is such a fun way to weave.

Finally I have made myself a card/jacket similar to the red one I think I shared here some time ago.

It's a boxy jacket made from straight pieces of cloth and is very comfortable to wear.  Again, it's mostly Noro wool.  Yummy!


Debbie said...

Love your weavings, I was wondering about investing in a Saori loom, is this what you learned to weave on? I am a tapestry weaver so don't know how to warp up anything complicated.

Unknown said...

Wow you’ve been busy! It’s good to see you exploring new directions. I still have one of your lovely creations on my wall - a transparent seascape. I also recently made all my fabric ATCs into a quilt which hangs on my landing wall. Some of your treasures are in there too.

marion barnett said...

You're clearly having a wonderful time... those scarves are particularly gorgeous...well done! And good to see you blogging again.

Amanda said...

They all look great Julie! Love the mini weave fringing on the scarves.

Gina said...

Lovely to see you pop up in my blog feed Julie. Your weaving is beautiful x

Julie said...

Thank you Gina. It's been a while.