Thursday, 5 June 2014

Canals and Mills

We recently had a few days away visiting some old friends across in Cheshire, a very beautiful part of the UK.  We stayed in a converted coach house surrounded by lovely walks and some frisky lambs.

The property was at Rainow and you can see more of it here.

This is the complex of holiday cottages to the right.

Just one  of the beautiful walks from our front door.

The light on these trees was just wonderful!

Jodrell Bank telescope at Alderley Edge, about 8 miles away, visible from the hill behind our cottage.


These cuddly rare breed sheep live in the field behind the cottages were very friendly.

As well as spending time with our friends we all went out to a local National Trust property.  Quarry Bank Mill was a cotton mill powered by an enormous water wheel.

We were lucky to visit on a beautiful Spring day when the rhododendrons were in flower.

And also this wonderful wisteria.

The gardens are extensive.

This amazing tree was growing right out of the cliff above the ornamental gardens.

Inspiring shapes and design potential pop up in all sorts of unlikely places.  

 This waterwheel was one of the most powerful in the country in its day.

Cobwebs in a window reminded me of waves in the sea.  

The modern answer to the water driven wheel is the water driven hydro-electric system behind my friend Ann and myself.  Ann moved to Cheshire just over two years ago and we really miss each other.

Just a couple of miles from our cottage was the Macclesfield Canal and DH and I took a leisurely walk along there on our last day in Cheshire.

Couldn't you see yourself in a studio at the bottom of this garden?
 We were told a woodpecker was nesting in the trees near this bridge and I did get a glimpse of it leaving the nest, but sadly no photo.

I was taken with this poem attached to the railings at Clarence Mill on the Macclesfield Canal.

Life has been very hectic lately, not least with creative happenings.  I've made several more infinity scarves and I've started on a pair of casual trousers for myself, more of which another time as I am still at the rough copy stage.  Today I've been across to a friend's house for a day playing with dye, again.   All the farbic is still sitting in its plastic bags brewing until tomorrow when I shall get round to rinsing it, or employ my resident rinser.  When it's all dry I'll show you the results.


Ali Honey said...

What a beautiful place to take a little holiday. Thanks I enjoyed seeing your photos.

Jackie said...

I will probably never get to see this part of our beautiful world, and I do appreciate you sharing the photos with me so that I can enjoy it through your visits.
The flowers are so pretty.
And, I agree with you about the photo of the trees and the light on them. It looks like the photo was taken directly at noon.
So pretty, Julie.
Thank you for sharing these with me.
Love you,

Maggi said...

Such a lovely place for holiday and great photos. the one of the cobwebs has made me realise that perhaps I should get rid of mine less often - photo inspiration!

Peneller said...

Lovely photos Julie and I'm so glad you were able to get away for a break with your friends. Quarry Bank Mill is wonderful isn't it and that water wheel.... Wow!

Annette Jeavons said...

You sound as though you have had a lovely time. I know Cheshire we have friends in that county too and have done quite a bit of walking where you were. Oh happy memories, love the poem but too prophetic I fear. Make lots more memories like these.

quilthexle said...

Thanks for taking me with you on your trip to this beautiful area of your country - I just added it to the list of "places I would love to explore" ;-))

Gina said...

What a beautiful place to stay. It sounds like a perfect holiday.

Heather said...

I lived in Cheshire many years ago and loved it there. Lovely photos of your holiday and the perfect time of year for a visit.

Corrine at said...

wow Julie, what marvelous views....Nothing like the English countryside, so green, so fertile...And the sheep, love seeing the lambs too. xox

pam said...

That looked idyllic,glad you had a great break.

Linda said...

Such beautiful photos Julie ....looks like you had a really lovely time! Haven't been to Cheshire for years (was at college there)...maybe its time to go back. xx

Linda said...

Such beautiful photos Julie ....looks like you had a really lovely time! Haven't been to Cheshire for years (was at college there)...maybe its time to go back. xx

Emma said...

What a fabulous holiday you had & great to catch up with friends, beautiful gardens.

Can't believe I missed your last post, with you modelling your gorgeous scarf & stunning tunic! You ARE a seamstress! ;)

Cameron said...

Julie, Didn't you used to have the post, "Mixed Media?" You have a new one now and I am really out of it. Thank you so much for checking in with me. I have been away for a long time and a lot has happened. My mom is well, getting more forgetful, but funny as ever and lively. We get together often. I am still felting and making journals. Life is mostly good. I'll have to catch up on your posts. It has been great communicating with you for so long. And now hopefully I can keep it up. Hugs, Cameron