Sunday, 25 May 2014

Time For a Catch Up

It's about time I shared the results of our dyeing day earlier this month.  As you might expect, once washed and dried there was quite a change in the colours.

On the left above is the exchange dyeing (one piece is missing, left behind by mistake but soon to be reunited).  There is an 8 step change from yellow to blue and three pieces of white on white that I added to random dye baths.  On the right the largest piece is the linen that I dye painted and which has washed out to be considerably paler than it started.

The sumptuous purple pieces above were dyed with logwood.  I am delighted with the gorgeous apron that was parfait dyed in a jar and has some wonderful marks on it.  I was going to cut it up as it is very worn with many holes from wear but I am tempted to layer it over a support fabric to conserve it and then I might wear it!

While we're talking about dyeing I have made use of the Images of Egypt fabric that I bought at the Uttoxeter Show.  At Stitchcraft we have all been going a bit mad for tunics/tops so despite having always hated dressmaking I thought I would have a go at making one.  

The pattern is by Janet Clare and apart from being a bit fiddly on the shoulders is very easy to use.  It must be!  I managed to make it!  I made it with a lining and it could be reversible if you so wished.  I have made another one with the other fabric I bought at Uttoxeter but don't have a photo of that yet.

I think I've got the bug for dressmaking now and I am planning to make some more tops, hopefully using some of the linen I dyed.

I've been to two workshops at Stitchcraft, one to make a zipped bag and one to make infinity scarfs.

Mine is the second bag from the left and it's a great pattern.  The bag is a useful size and the zip opens it wide so you can get at what's inside.  The bag's official name is the Ellie Travel Case and the tutorial can be found on Heide Staples blog.  

On Friday I had a fun couple of hours making an infinity scarf.  

 I used a lovely piece of snowdyed fabric that had been sitting in my stash for several years.  Having made one scarf I had to make another for an upcoming friend's birthday:

I hope she likes green! 

The fabric above has also been turned into a scarf for my stepmum's birthday, although I am finding it hard to part with as it has another of my snowdyes in it and I love the flowery fabric which is by Rowan.  The selvedge shows it is a 2012 design by Melissa White (Amelie's Attic).  I don't usually go for flowery but this is really pretty.  Stitchcraft had it in their £2 box so I hope they've got a piece left when I go on Wednesday as I may have to make another scarf with it for myself.

It's May Bank Holiday weekend in the UK and as it rained all day yesterday I spent the day squaring up a load of blocks for my pinny quilt and hopefully tomorrow I will be sewing them together.  Whatever you are doing have a happy Monday and I'll be back soon to share our recent stay in Cheshire.


Wendy said...

Nothing wrong with your dressmaking skills, I love the dyed apron,

Maggi said...

Ooh, where to start as there are so many beautiful things here. You certainly have been busy. Your infinity scarf looks very stylish and I'm sure that the green one will be appreciated too.

The tunic is gorgeous and so is the bag and you have so many great pieces from your dyeing.

Thanks for the link to the bag tutorial.

Heather said...

What gorgeous results from all that hard work, dyeing and rinsing. You must be so pleased with your fabrics. Love the tunic and scarf, and those bags are super. Thanks for the link for the pattern.

Peneller said...

Love the tunic Julie! The dyed fabric also looks really good! Isn't it amazing how much you can do in a day when you're on a roll!


How lovely to see you wearing your beautiful new tunic top and to see the results of your newly dyed fabrics. Feeling rather envious now and wishing I had some time to get my patterns out again.

Hope the new books arrive soon so I can curl up and dream of creating again soon.

Have a lovely weekend darling friend ... love xx

Linda said...

Hello Busy Bee.....:-)
I love that you don't procrastinate; you just get on and do things Julie! Everything looks great but I especially like your bag. Sadly, there is no way I could copy, but I can at least admire yours.

Lis Harwood said...

You could patch that apron and have a boro apron! Looks as if you've been having a lot of fun. Infinity scarves are fabulous. Hoping to get to SS at the end of this month, might see you.

Lis Harwood said...

You could patch that apron and have a boro apron! Looks as if you've been having a lot of fun. Infinity scarves are fabulous. Hoping to get to SS at the end of this month, might see you.