Thursday, 15 August 2013

Festival of Quilts 3 - The Exhibition Stands

You will have probably seen some of the exhibition stands on other blogs and probably with better and more detailed images than I have but I will share the things that stood out for me.  

For the first time this year there was a gallery dedicated to Art Quilt Masters.  

Dorothy Caldwell entered this large piece entitled 'How do we know when it's night?'  It's surface is wonderfully marked and has the addition of areas of fabric and stitch.  The little flashes of colour move the eye around the fabric.

Also in the Art Quilt Masters was this very moving piece below by Christine Chester

The title of this piece is Portraits of a Memory.  On closer inspection you slowly realise that the memory of the man is disintegrating, fading away.  I found it a very powerful piece, made more so that its message is brought home gradually.

SAQA introduced its new exhibition Metaphors on Ageing at the Festival.

Maggie Vanderweit is pictured with her triptych.
 Susan Lenz, who I have met previously, made Lift and Tuck shown above.  You can read about it here.  Susan and I met up for a coffee and had a very pleasant hour chatting.

 Meredith R Grimsley made Knit Together In That Secret Place shown above and below.  

Nina Lise Moen who has a blog, featured in the the 25th Anniversary exhibition from Norway.  

Nina Lise also entered an individual quilt which gained her a Highly Commended award.

Mandy Pattulo works in Northumberland with very old and often disintegrating quilts and clothing which she unpicks and reconstructs into new textile collages.   I was entranced by her work and savoured the link with the Banjara textiles mentioned previously.

I was delighted to see Annabel Rainbow at the Show and to get up close to her wonderful series of quilts which form part of the Through Our Hands exhibition which she is curating with Laura Kemshall. 

Annabel had brought part of her studio with her together with parts of Laura's.  I can do no more than direct you to Annabel's and to Laura's blogs for more and better pictures of the quilts.  You may need to scroll down through more than one post. 

I particularly liked work by Esther Bornemisza which created interesting shadows as it hung,

I am fascinated by textiles that allow you to see through them in a partial way or which are changed/affected by light passing through.

One other piece of work that allowed shadows to fall behind it was Red Stones 2 by Dianne Firth:

 Hopefully I have linked to the correct artist. 

That's all for today.  I've almost finished but I'll be back with one more post about Festival before I return to our recent cruise.  Then maybe I'll get back to my own creative efforts which have been put on the back burner just lately.


Clare Wassermann said...

Lovely pictures. You captured two of my faves here ... dionne and ester contributed amazing pieces and the through our hand exhibition was a joy.

pam said...

Looking forward to the next post - thanks for sharing all these with us.

Corrine at said...

Fantastic mini tours Julie. I loved Nina Lises' quilts there too! And Mandy Patullo is fantastic, love her work. The Saqa artists over here are quite something....All amazing talented ladies...xox

Heather said...

The range and skill of those quilts is stunning. After reading your posts and those of other visitors I don't feel I have missed out by not attending myself. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful photos with us.

Maggi said...

A lovely selection Julie. You have managed to include two of my favourites too, Eszter's and Christine's

Wade Harris said...
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jackie said...

Yes,definitely make time for rusting,it is such fun.. You chose many of my favourite quilts. Thanks for making commenting easier.

sharon young said...

A fabulous record of your visit, Julie, and what a variety of quilts you chose to show, thank you.

Emma said...

What wonderful posts you've done on the FoQ, it's great to see everyone's personal selections, thanks for the hard work in sharing with those of us who couldn't go! Yours looked fabulous hanging there ;)

Linda said...

I've enjoyed all your FoQ posts Julie....thanks for taking the time to show (and explain) things so brilliantly.X