Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wedding Card

I havn't been showing much of my creative work here recently as I have been busy with a project that could not be shared until after my stepdaughter's wedding.  I wanted to use my skills to make her a special card instead of just buying one and fortuitously we explored a technique at a recent meeting of our quiting group.  

Blogger has loaded the images in reverse order with the front side at the bottom. (I have switched Lightbox back on so it should be easier for you to view the images.  You no longer need to click on each individual image).

I made each signature individually on a felt backing and then stuck it to the vilene bases which had been edged in a neutral cotton.  (Affixing the  panels caused me some deep thought as I found I couldn't stitch them to the vilene.  In the end I went for strong carpet tape.  Hopefully they will stay stuck!)

These are details of some of the pages:

I used some of my printed fabrics, bridal lace and fabrics, beach glass, printed text and embellishments and  had a lovely time sewing special wishes into it.    Once the card was made I realised I needed something to put it in so set to and made a box with some of the butterfly fabric.

The box is lined with dupion silk and I  thought my stepdaughter could use it for her bits and pieces if she wished.  The knob on the lid is made with a small stack of buttons including a lovely copper button from The Thread Studio.

Just as we were leaving the house to travel to Chichester where the wedding took place I grabbed a few sewing supplies because I had it in mind to make something on the lines of a lucky horseshoe, although I don't think people give those so much these days.

Anyway, this is what I came up with,

I cheated a little and used a ready made heart but I had a lovely time decorating it with vintage fabrics and trims and embellishing it.  I think L liked it but hopefully she'll tell me more on her return from honeymoon, the day of the wedding was very hectic as you would expect so there was very little time for conversation.

I have a few fabric hearts in my stash so I may make a few more, maybe on a Christmas theme (sorry for using that word!).  

On Wednesday I went to the first Sit & Stitch day at Stitchcraft Studio and had a lovely day with a few ladies stitching and nattering.   This is going to be a weekly occurance on a Wednesday and hopefully the word will get around and more people will come along.  It will be lovely to have a regular place to go and spend time with like-minded people and to dedicate that particular time to the project in hand.  I'll show you what I was making when I get it finished, which could quite easily be next Wednesday!


Heather said...

I am sure your step-daughter loves her beautiful card - it's almost a book! It becomes even more special having it's own box.
I love the little decorated heart too and it's a great idea to make Christmassy ones.

Sandra Wyman said...

It's a beautiful card, Julie - I'm sure she will treasure it - and the heart is a wonderful idea!

ju-north said...

Wonderful card Julie! You'll be getting orders at this rate!

Libertybelle said...

What a beautiful card to treasure and the heart is very pretty too! Lucky bride!

sweetypie said...

ooh, its just beautiful julie,well done - a gift to cherish.

Peneller said...

A lovely thought to make a special card. I'm sure it will be treasured and deservedly so.

imac said...

Filled with love my darling.

Linda said...

You created a heirloom for them ....very, very special (and worth every minute of your time and effort).

Moogsmum said...

What a beautiful card for your stepdaughter, Julie :o)

I'm sure this is one she will treasure for ever.


pam said...

Lucky girl with the card and the heart - she will treasure them. Look forward to seeing what you have been making when you get it finished.

Emma said...

I'm sure I read this post & loved the beautiful card, well, book really that you've made for your step dil. I'm sure they'll love it.