Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Love is..........

my very beautiful stepdaughter and her very new husband on Saturday.   My DH and I were invited to share this very special day with my stepdaughter, her about-to be husband and their family and friends in Chichester in the south of England.

All of the photographs in this post are courtesy of my DH as my camera wasn't up to the light conditions and besides, I didn't want to miss a moment by being behind the lens!

The groom awaits the arrival of his bride and keeps his nerves calm by chatting to his soon to be brother-in-law.

The bride's mother and stepdad, otherwise known as WSD ;-) , precede the bride.  I think Laura's mum was as happy and emotional as I was!

The moment we had all been waiting for, the first glimpse of a delightfully happy and radiant bride, escorted by her brother.

The ceremony was really lovely with a few laughs and some heartfelt words exchanged.  The bride and groom are pictured with both mums.  I have to admit to a tear or two escaping, well, you'd expect it wouldn't you?  

Formalities over it was time to leave.

Laura's dress was so beautiful.  I barely recognised this stunning, sophisticated, elegant young woman.

Time to relax at the wedding breakfast.

Beautiful butterflies denoted our places and brought very special memories of Laura's late Dad to share the day.  He was very much with us in thought and he would have been so proud of his beautiful daughter and her new husband.

Could any bride look happier?

The venue for the wedding meal was the beautiful Vicars' Hall, part of Chichester Cathedral and its high vaulted ceiling added to the sense of occasion.

Our nephew, Johnathan Clover, was the official photographer but that didn't stop DH from sneaking up on him while he was working and grabbing a few shots!  I'm looking forward to seeing the official versions.

No wedding would be complete without the cutting of the cake,

and special people to share the day with.

Sweeties were an extra treat, 

and chips were a welcome supper.

There was plenty of dancing going on, although sadly DH failed to capture me but Iwas dancing, honest! (I think this was a bit of  'Summer Lovin' ' going on).

The bride enjoyed herself too and managed to control her beautiful dress.

Eventually and all too soon it was time to leave the newlyweds and go back to our B&B after a wonderful day that I will always remember.  Our hearts are full of happiness for Laura and Nik and of faith in their future together and who knows where the future may lead them?

Nik looks very much at home with his niece in his arms. :-)


John, another family member who was running the disco, was definitely in the moment!


imac said...

Wonderful Day, plus wonderful memories together with Laura and Nik tie-ing the knot, made a day never to be forgot.

Peneller said...

What lovely photos. Every one looks so happy and I'm only sorry that there isn't a photo of you dancing!

Su said...

Lovely pictures of your wonderful day - they both look so happy and I'm sure they'll have many many happy years together

ju-north said...

Lovely wedding and photos! Memories to cherish

Angela said...

What a handsome couple and a beautiful dress. Glad the day went well.

Gina said...

It sounds like it was the perfect day. Pleased you enjoyed it Julie. And what a stunning train on the dress.

Linda said...

That was clearly a very special day for you Julie...how wonderful that everything went so well. The photos are delightful; such a beautiful bride (and a WOW of a dress!)

pam said...

Oh that looks like a wonderful day - the bride looks so happy and you looked great. Glad you enjoyed the day.