Wednesday, 17 October 2012

International Quilt Challenge

We have just been sharing on the International Quilt Challenge blog our interpretations of my theme 'Memory'.

This is the not-quite finished memory piece which I have titled 'Bumpsteads'.  I do not normally make pictorial quilts but I have had this piece in my head for a long time so it was good to get it out of there and explore the process.  The fabrics are a combination of commercial fabrics and my sun printed fabric and all the pieces have been bonded.  So far I have only added some hand stitching to describe the grassy edges of the garden and field and I am prevaricating about adding quilting but I will probably have to add some stitching to stop it all falling off.

From the age of 9 to about 17/18 I spent as many of my holidays as I could manage staying with a family friend on their pig farm.  In the garden was a huge pear tree with a tree swing in it and a rather rusty metal seat encircling it.  I spent many happy hours swinging, climbing trees, feeding the pigs, playing with the farm cats and helping to look after and play with the children of the family as they came along.  I have a very strong visual memory of making a picnic in the garden with the daughters of the family to be shared with their dolls and teddies, with the sound and smell of pigs happily grubbing about in the field across the road.  The scene in my mind is flooded with sunlight and my 'Aunt' heavy with her next child.  The children, as with all children, had lost interest in the tea party and gone in search of other entertainment, or maybe for a snooze.

My piece comes from a naive style painting that I made of the remembered scene several years ago when I was painting.

My interpretation has been very literal and I am quite happy with it, although I think I should probably give myself some hair!


Heather said...

Your memory quilt is going to be delightful and your painting already is! I love them both.

ju-north said...

Great! A departure from your usual style but perhaps leading to more!

Lis said...

What a great story and a lovely quilt (and painting) to fix it in your memory forever. I love the details in your work.

The Crafty Mugwump said...

Literal or abstract, a real story behnd any piece lends a credibility that shines through. Love that little painting,it's a very emotive piece that just talks of the simple pleasures of childhood, that you would wish for all children.

Peneller said...

This is lovely Julie. You have really captured the subject and even though my childhood memories are different, they just sprung to mind when I saw this!

pam said...

It looks lovely cant wait to see it finished

Angela said...

Your picture quilt is fabulous and it was so nice of you to show it to us all last week.

imac said...

Very nice my dear

Wait until you had your hair done, maybe need diff colour

Linda said...'re brave to tackle something like that Julie (I wouldn't have a clue where to start) I look forward to seeing it completed.
I love your painting, its such a happy image.

Emma said...

Really beautifully done, I'm terrified of literal! A lovely memory to have ;)