Saturday, 10 March 2012

How Long?

Two weeks since I blogged?  Can't be!  Actually it is and it's not as if I havn't had things to blog about as I've been busy but I've also been exhausted and a bit bleugh about making the effort so I apologise for being a lazy Blogger.

First of all, I should say that with all the stuff flying about on the net about Pinterest, I have decided to leave until it all gets sorted out.  I have finally read the Terms and I feel it is a copyright minefield and I don't want to be the one who may get sued, and I also object to the fact that they can apparently sell your boards.  So, goodbye Pinterest!  Oops!  Should have bookmarked my favourites first!

So what's been happening in my neck of the woods?  Last week saw DH and I on a coach trip to the Creative Crafts Show at Malvern.  I've not been to this Show before and although it was a small affair we did enjoy our day.  It was a real mix of papercrafts, stitch, knitting and strangely people selling knife sharpeners!  What was that all about?  

 I did succumb to a little shopping.  The LOVE symbol is so Mum and I can hopefully indulge in a little collaging.  I won't call it decopatch as I didn't buy the papers but I'm hoping to interest Mum in sticking some St Ives-y coloured papers onto it.  And what about that fabulous yarn?!  It is the most sumptuous of sea colours and it just leapt into my hands!  What can I say?  The yarn came from the stall of ehdknits run by the very friendly Erica and if you visit the site prepare to be very tempted.  So many gorgeous yarns and threads, especially the sequined silk yarn!

Food played a lively part in the day and you can see DH enjoyed the Danish we shared. (Well I have to get my own back for a pic of me he's put on his blog!)

The Show didn't keep us busy all day so we set off for a walk round the grounds looking for inspiration.  The photos above, showing a very misty day, were taken through a metal gate and while they're not wonderfully inspiring and not the best photos they have a certain something.  Walking a bit further we found textures to inspire us.

An old notice board should give lots of opportunites to play and I couldn't resist the oak leaf in the tarmac below.

Mossy paving could be useful

and I love Silver Birch trees.

So what else?  Remember my excursion into Roman Stripes?  Well, I put the squares I had made in a safe place and, you've guessed it, they disappeared on a block vacation.  Having turned out every drawer and fabiric box over the last couple of weeks I finally decided I would have to bottom my sewing room if I was ever to find them.  Long story short, I started to straighten up my bookshelves and peeking out from under some sketchbooks, the blocks popped out.  Shrieking didn't come into it! lol  I am now busy making up the throw in a completely different arrangement from the ones I was considering before and I'll show you it when I've got it together.

I don't usually like to make any comment on current affairs in this blog but I feel I have to express my terrible sadness at the loss of six young lives in Afghanistan this week. R.I.P


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I did the same with pinterest, too dicey. Enjoyed your walkabout, the Danish looked good too. xox Corrine

Wendy said...

the silver birch pic is very inspirational, I can see it layered and stitched (in my dreams)

Emma said...

I saw something on someones blog about pinterest etiquette & thought whaaaaat?!

Your textures are wonderful & a lovely little hall at the show. I could have stayed at mine another day!

Dot said...

Am thinking of doing the same thing with pinterest. Like the idea of it but don't want to be involved with something that may have copyright issues.
Looks like you bought some nice goodies - and the danish looks delicious!

Dot said...

Am thinking of doing the same thing with pinterest. Like the idea of it but don't want to be involved with something that may have copyright issues.
Looks like you bought some nice goodies - and the danish looks delicious!

Sandie said...

Hi Julie,
We might have past each other at the show...but only if you went on Friday!
I arrived too late for the Margaret Beale session on fusing,bonding fabrics etc.

It was good to go on the Friday as Sturdays when we normally go get very busy.

Glad you enjoyed the shoew and half a Danish!

Sandie xx

sharon young said...

Lovely inspirational pics, especially the silver birch. Malvern is a lovely venue, went there for a vw meet once, glad you had such a nice time.

annabel said...

Yep, I've ditched pinterest too. A very interesting blog post Julie thank you. I especially liked the last picture of the silver birch....those markings across the dark brown bit are so like stitching; it's as if the tree has been to A & E for a bit of wound suturing!! oooooo, now that gives me an idea.........

Heather said...

The news from Afghanistan this week has been truly heartbreaking.
Your photos for this post are so inspiring and I love your goodies, especially the yarn - Yum!
I've been to the Quilt Show a couple of times but never to the Craft Show - it sounds good.

Amanda said...

I didn't even venture into Pinterst let alone join it. I haven't joined the twits yet either and don't really intend to. Really trying to limit the computer thing and I enjoy the blogs I follow rather than feel obliged. Not sure how some people fit it all in to be honest! lol

What a fab thing to do with your Mum, I'm sure she will love spending such lovely creative time with you that way.

I wish I could read half the damn security words blogger has introduced! I turned mine off. 4th time lucky! lol

Angela said...

Such a lovely idea to work on a project with your mum, I'm sure you will both get a lot of pleasure from it. I look forward to seeing the work in progress.
Your pictures are very inspiring especially the silver birch ones.


Sounds like another lovely show to go to. I would love to have gone and do miss all the shows being stuck down here. I wonder what your DH made of it all?

Haven't ventured into pinterest either and so glad ... by the sounds of it. People have pinned my stuff on pinterest and I never get to hear about it. I'm totally not a fan of tumblr either ... the photos just get tumbled and copied and nobody bothers to actually check out who the artist is. I'm steering well clear!!

We had a gorgeous day yesterday and I thought of you. I was beachcombing on our spot and missing my beachcombing buddy. Looking forward to your next trip and will check out workshops soon

Well, must go, things to finish off for the exhibition tomorrow. It's Jo's turn for "meet the artist" but I'm dropping stuff off for sale and then hoping to get to the art class at the Arts Club tomorrow afternoon. Haven't been since last October!!! Eeek!

You are constantly in my thoughts dear Julie ... love and hugs xx

Jensters said...

Im not sure either whats going on with pintrest, have you deleted yourself then x

Maggi said...

Glad you had a good day. That yarn is scrumptious. Have decided to use Pinterest still but to make sure that any links go back to the actual maker. Must admit that I don't spend much time on it though.

pam said...

Oh I just love silver birch trees - there is something special about them. Looks like you had a good day that Danish pastry was definitely yummy! Enjoy the project with your Mum.

Linda said...

Love your photos Julie...they have great potential (I can already see stitching in the last one!)
Looks like you had another lovely day out - the yarn is gorgeous (I would have bought that ;-)
Know what you mean about Pinterest ....I'm still waiting and debating.

Helena said...

Lovely photo's, Julie. I love that mossy pavement. My patio is like that and I go bonkers if I catch Luvbug 'weeding' it!! It also gets lovely chamomile growing out of it in the summer!

That yarn is definitely your colour!