Friday, 2 September 2011

OMG It's September Already!

One minute we're enjoying Festival of Quilts in August and the next time you look round it's September!  Mind you, it has been ushered in with some very pleasant warm temperatures here in the Eastern half of England.  

When I last blogged over a fortnight ago (!) I hadn't quite finished  writing about the Festival of Quilts I still had one or two things more to say about the exhibits at the exhibition and of course about shopping!  Alongside the quilts that are the main feature of the exhibition there was a section dedicated to Quilt Creations.  This amazing cabinet was attracting a lot of attention.

Entitled 'Box of Delights' the cabinet was made by Kate Crossley who comes from Oxford.

The cabinet is made of paper and fabric mache with hand and machine quilting and includes found objects (innumerable), beads, wire acid etching and printing.

If you click on the photos you should be able to see just some of the amazing work that has gone into this work.  Sadly I have not been able to find any online presence for Kate.  As I've been scouring the catalogue looking for the artist of my next photo I've discovered that Kate entered at least three other pieces.  Busy girl!

Other quilts I enjoyed were

'Rock Face' by Patricia A'Bear from South Africa.  This is two quilts, one hanging in front of the other and comes from studying rock paintings and looking beyond them to the rock formations beneath.

This lively quilt featuring African fabrics, I think by Helen Conway.  (Forgive me if I'm wrong).

Cute cats!  Sadly I can't find the maker's name.

You may have noticed in an earlier photo I was wearing this name badge.  Laura and Linda Kemshall challenged people to make a name badge and in return, on turning up at their stand with said badge, they were giving out a small gift.  I was lucky enough to receive these beautiful hand dyed threads which are now waiting for a project, something watery comes to mind.

I didn't do a huge amount of shopping but I did treat myself to the ironing pad/cutting board that the other items are sitting on.  The board is a birthday gift from my stepmum :-)

I did succumb to some fabric including some lovely silk noil to print on and dye when I can find the time and energy.

I had a fantastic time at FOQ and as usual I cannot wiat for next year to do it all again.  I won't have to wait too long for another quilt show though as I've just booked onto a coach going to the Grosvenor Show at Chilford Hall in November.

Before I go can I just ask you to click on the logo in the right hand sidebar and vote once more for the Folding the Quilts Project which is in the Final of the National Lottery Awards.  Thank you so much ♥


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Something from the Kemshall's, oh my, swoon! Would love to have been there. Thanks so much for giving us the views. That cabinet is pure alchemy. xox Corrine

Heather said...

The cabinet is amazing - I could spend hours looking at all the items in it. Congrats on your lovely goodies and restrained shopping! There is always something for everyone at a quilt show - so much variety and excellent workmanship.

pam said...

Thanks for your great descriptions of the FOQ - you just cannot see it all in a day so seeing somethings we missed has been lovely. I have voted thanks for the link

sandra wyman said...

Glad you're blogging again - and hope things are improving, Julie. I loved that cabinet too! Now to tackle September - still have JQs to do, plus the quilt challenge (not to mention the new Region 14 CQ group on 24th September) Will get there somehow!

Maggi said...

It certainly was a lovely cabinet and your purchases are inspiring. I was lucky enough to get threads from the Kemshalls as well as they had run out by the second day. Voted yesterday, fingers crossed.

Linda said...

Hi Julie, I've been following your posts about your visit to the show. I would love to get there one year. Who knows, it may still happen. But very inspiring work, thanks so much for sharing!

Emma said...

Wish I had time to make one of these beautiful cabinets! (in the next few days, I mean!) Not something you'd expect in the FOQ so glad you included it in your wonderful show & tell. Lovely bits & pieces you bought & thanks for your encouraging words ;)

artymess said...

Wow that cabinet is amazing...thanks for sharing ...x

Anonymous said...

That cabinet is wonderful - very inspiring!