Monday, 17 January 2011

Cheer up

I heard on the telly this morning that today is reckoned to be the most gloomy depressing day of the year so I thought you might appreciate a little cheering up.  Yesterday we had a lovely visit from our gorgeous great nephew and he brought his mummy and daddy and Duke the dog to see us too. Even though he hadn't seen us since the Spring last year and wouldn't have remembered us he gave us a beaming smile as soon as he saw us and treated us to a lovely couple of hours gurgling and playing away very happily.  

He also showed us his newly acquired standing and walking-with-fingers skills:

Mum was delighted to see her great grandson again and had a lovely cuddle with him,

It is lovely to see Mum's face shine with joy whenever she sees Max or photos of him.  I can't believe that Max will be one year old at the end of next month.  Where did that year go?

Since the new year began I have been waiting impatiently to find out what the new challenge is for the Contemporary Quilt Group Journal Quilts and Saturday brought the long awaited magazine with the details.  This year's quilts have to be made to a 10" square format and there are additional requirements to add to the challenge.  The first 4 of the quilts have to have a circle somewhere in the design, the next 4 have to include text and the last 4 must have a button or buttons included.  I am really excited by this new challenge and already have ideas buzzing around my head.  Not least, maybe some fabric collage by Susan Carlson that I saw on the Quilt Show last week which looked fun. 

Mum is still staying with us but moves are now afoot to get her back to her own home.  I have very serious doubts that she will be able to live alone now as she gets quite confused and I have fears for her safety but we will have to see.  I wish I could look after her myself but I am already exhausted and have to face the fact that I cannot do this on a permanent basis because of my own health issues.  Oh for the strength of youth!

And just in case you have drifted off into a low frame of mind on this supposedly low day of the year here's another photo to cheer you up

This jolly chap was part of a scarecrow celebration at Doddington Hall near Lincoln last year.  Remind you of anyone?

Luv ya hun!


quilthexle said...

Thanks for making me grin - indeed, it worked !!
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your mum and for a good solution for all of you. In the meantime, can't wait to see your Journal Quilts !! will be fun, I'm sure ;-))

Gina said...

At least if today is meant to be the most depressing it can only get better! Max looks as if he could lift anyone's spirits - he's gorgeous. Hope things work out for your mum, Julie.

Heather said...

Love your great-nephew and the pic of your Mum with him. My Mum was in a lovely Care Home and I'm sure you will find one for your Mum should it become necessary. The journal quilt designs sound interesting - you'll have fun making them. The scarecrow made me think of Eric Morecambe.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Great posts much going on! Sorry to hear about your mum and hope you can sort something out to keep both of you happy. Looking forward to seeing your journal quilts, and that enormous one your working on in your sewing group.

Cameron said...

Julie, You seem to have such an adventurous life. What great pictures. Your Mum looks great.
Love and hugs