Monday, 17 January 2011

2 for the price of one!

I have a couple more things to share with you today so thought I would put them in a separate post.  First of all I have joined a new monthly sewing group and thought I would like to have a project to take with me each month that I could work on over the course of the year.  I have been saving my offcuts and scraps for a long time and decided it was time I used some of them up in the spirit of reuse and recycle so I am making up scrap blocks with a view to making a bed quilt.  I must be mad!  I've only ever made a cot quilt before so I may rue the day!

I've made some squares at home too and I'm really enjoying seeing snippets of past projects and my hand dyed fabrics coming together.

I'm reproducing here an email that I received a few days ago from Colouricious who brought us the Talking Threads Series of videos. 

Talking Threads Series 1 -
Invitation to the
Private On-Line Viewing

Raise the profile of Textile Art

Textile Artists in our opinion, are unsung heroes of our time. The work they produce is totally outstanding and the passion and followings they create are contagious. There are thousands of creative textile lovers all over the world who crave more knowledge and understanding of the textile techniques that help unleash personal creativity. We at Colouricious have chosen some of Britain's top textile artists, to tell you their story. Where they derive their inspiration and how they became who they became may be something that you can relate to. Each artist will also share with you one of their favourite techniques, in simple and easy terms for you to follow.

As we so love creative textiles, as a Valentine's present to you, starting on February 14th 2011, we will be sending you one episode  of Talking Threads a week, for 10 weeks, running time approx 20 minutes, free of charge. All we ask in exchange, is that you tell everyone you know, so they can sign up too. Everyone will learn a great deal each week from each of our textile artists, not only about their life and skills but also about themselves as well

If you go to the Colouricious  website and sign up for their email newsletter you too can receive the free programmes for textile artists.  The original series was most enjoyable and informative so it would be good to support them in their bid to get more funding for a second series.
Talking of support, you may be aware that people are working together once again to make quilts for the people who have lost homes and possessions in the appalling Australian floods.  If you click on the link at the top of my right sidebar you will be taken to the blog of one of the organisers who has instructions for making very quick blocks.  This is next on my to-do list. 

I have slipped behind a bit in my work with Kim Klassen's Photoshop course and I am starting a new course tomorrow but this is my latest effort using Kim's source photograph.

I've even managed to make a stamp of my own name, not that I am claiming this as my own photo as the copyright belongs to Kim.  Kim's classes are excellent and her video instruction is very clear so if you've ever been tempted to learn more about photo manipulation don't wait for Kim's prices to go up as they surely will.  If you just want to sign up for Kim's emails and free textures just sign up here.  There are links there to Kim's other sites too.


Heather said...

The quilt blocks are gorgeous Julie - such lovely colours, and your hand-dyed strips bring everything together. Love the digital photo - you are going to be busy! Thanks for all the links - just going to check out the Colouricious one.

dosfishes said...

Your quilt blocks are so bright and colorful with bits of silks it looks like and batik's. You seem to be quite the quilter to me! Thanks for the link to Colouricious, quite the site and those wooden blocks for printing are out of this world. Hope Mum is doing better. xox Corrine

ju-north said...

You're getting really good at quilting! I'm impressed!

sandra wyman said...

Those blocks are mouthwatering, Julie - love the way you've combined prints and hand-dyes. Big quilt is no different from little one - just bigger! Feel free to contact me if you need any technical advice - e.g. on layering prior to quilting (the only really boring part of it!)

Moogsmum said...

Your quilt blocks are great and you're already well on your way to that quilt!
Thanks for the link to Colouricious, it looks really interesting.


Sue Wild said...

Hi Julie
I've subscribed to the Colouricious newsletter.

I love the vibrant colours of your blocks, that'll be a lovely bright quilt.

pam said...

I love the quilt blocks - you have been very busy and the pictures of your family in the previous blog are great.

Emma said...

Loved that colouricious series (except when the camera was behind the hand they were using & you couldn't see a thing!)& enjoyed the Christmas series. Will pass it on to a couple of people.

Lovely blocks, I'm not a quilter but I ould manage a block or 2! I'll look at the link tomorrow, after todays work.

Thanks for your helpful comment - I'm sure I'm doing everything right, there must be something twisted somewhere. I'll clean the machine & keep trying - I've done it before, afterall! keep weel x

Clare Wassermann said...

It'll be a vibrant quilt - lovely colours. I too have started a big one...scary huh?

maggi said...

Love the blocks and your digital photo is really good.

Rhonda said...

Hi Julie,
I've found your blog and become a "FOLLOWER"....and I'm lookiing into the really looks like something I could get into....ah...another hobby...LOL!