Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Stay Home Round Robin and Good News

I've not had much time lately for anything earth shattering in the creative department but I have managed to complete the next part of Kate North's Stay At Home Robin.

I'm making this up as I go along but it sort of told me it wanted the red batik repeating so I went along with it.  I didn't think about it too much just pieced scraps of the fabrics I'd used in the first square.

I've also got round to making my second book using Carole Brungar's methods.  There is a link to the sketchbook course in her right hand sidebar.  

I used mountboard (mat board) for the covers and the spine is three layers of cloth.  The pennant on the front cover is the one I won at the Festival of Quilts and I'm really pleased to have found a use for it.

The pages are a selection of watercolour pages that I had painted previously, tracing paper, sketch paper and greetings cards.  I'm going to add some lacey bits but mostly I will leave the pages blank to be worked on later when I next go on my hols.

Energy is sadly lacking at the moment and a certain lack of interest in much at all but I am trying. (Very, some might say!)  The best news this week is that my dear friend is finally out of hospital! Yay!  She still has a lot of recuperating to do but at least she is out of the hospital environment and she is much happier for it.  Thank you everyone for all your good wishes over the last 7 weeks.

Ooh!  I nearly forgot!  Welcome to my Followers number 100 and 101!  How cool is that?  More than 100 followers for my inane ramblings :o)  Thank you everyone for being interested in my little corner of the world.


maggi said...

Thee is a very summery seaside theme to both these pieces, just what is needed in the gloomy weather at the moment. Great news about Grace, I am sure that she will come on in leaps and bounds now that she is out of hospital.

Heather said...

Good news about your friend - I hope she continues to make steady progress and will soon feel much stronger. Love the bright colours in your quilt piece and the book is gorgeous. What a lovely idea to do more work in it on holiday and a very fitting use for your prize pennant.

ju-north said...

Happy news about your friend! You are doing some lovely work as always! Congrats on reaching 100!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

So glad that your friend is now home, I think you always get better quicker in your own environment.
I hope that you find time on holiday to work in your journal, although I went away with a mini art kit, it just did not happen. I am now trying to do some work on it now.
Thank you for your very kind comments on the exhibition and about my work.
Please could you send me your snail mail address.


So happy your dear friend is home where she belongs. Hoping to see Sally tomorrow, will let you know x

Sarah said...

What a lovely book! As usual it is so creative!

Angela said...

Thats good news about your friend.
Your piece for the the round robins is lovely and colourful.Your book cover is very creative and such a nice use of the pennant. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else notice how the corners of the block met exactly?

Good news about your friend. Aunty is still hanging in there. We are all rather amazed at her.

pam said...

I love the round robin block that is so good - the book looks lovely and there you are saying you haven't done much! Glad to hear your friend is out of hospital not the best of places to be.

Trudi said...

Love your round robin, so bright and cheerful :) Glad to hear Grace is home and on the mend too! Rest easy, be kind to yourself to get some of that energy back :) Hugs

Dot said...

Do love that red batik fabric you have used Julie. And your book is lovely. Look forward to seeing inside it at some stage! Congrats on having 100 followers - you have a cheery, inspirational and colorful blog. I always enjoy my visits.
Dot xx

Bea said...

I'm so happy that your friend is finally out of the hospital. Good news. Congrats on 100 & 101 folks visiting and following your blog.
It's nice to know that somebody is actually interested in what we post, heh?
Love that sketchbook and the cover.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ahoy thare, Swab!
Today be bein Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!
Be meetin me on the poop dek, aaar!