Thursday, 15 April 2010

Thank You and a Little Shopping


Blogging has been far from my mind recently, as you might expect,  and I haven’t had time for much creativity apart from a little hand sewing.  With so little to say I don’t even know where to start!  Daft, isn’t it?

I should start by saying ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has left messages here or sent me emails offering good wishes for my Mum’s good health.  Mum has been making very slow progress since we brought her home from the hospital but hopefully she is going in the right direction.  Her strength is not returning as fast as she would like but I’m sure it will soon.

Yesterday I took Mum across to my brother’s for him to take over her convalescence for a while.   He lives in a pretty village near Lincoln so hopefully Mum will be able to enjoy some little strolls before too long.

On the way back home I took the opportunity to stop off at Ruskington as I knew there was a patchwork shop there that I haven’t had chance to visit before.  I had a lovely chat with the young lady who runs it with her Mum and naturally could not resist a small purchase or two.


These gorgeous inspiring buttons are about an inch and a half across and each one could provide the starting point for  a piece of work.   The colours are even richer than this photo shows.  They would look great as a closure on a notebook or bag.

I also got tempted by a beautiful panel,


The fabric is designed by Barb Tourtillote.  I’ve pinched the photograph from Clothworks website as I forgot to photograph my panel today so I’ll try and remember to take some closer shots tomorrow.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  It just spoke to me across the shop - what could I do? ;o)  Of course, I don’t have a clue what I am going to do with it, just enjoy it for the time being!

While I was in the shopping mood I popped into a hospice shop in the village and found a bargain pair of curtains (£2.99!) that are going to get dyed and repurposed.


The colour’s all wrong as the fabric is a light cream medium weight cotton and this patterning is only revealed when you hold it up to the light.  I’m thinking it’s probably got a polyester content in it so it will be interesting to see what happens when I dye it.  Each curtain is 32” x 54” so I’ve got enough for some quilt backings if nothing else.


This was the beautiful centre of Ruskington village yesterday.  The stream flows right along the Main Street and they’ve put these lovely benches for people to sit and have a chat or watch the ducks.  It was lovely sitting there in the sunshine for a few minutes.

I still haven’t finished my April Journal Quilt yet so that is going to be my priority over the next day or two.  I had adapted (cut up) my crinkle quilt and have been stitching that but I don’t feel satisfied in using it for the Journal Quilt so I am hoping to go back to the curved piecing and make a trial run for my Festival Of Quilts entry as my April quilt.  Once I get started it shouldn’t take too long.

Thank you again for all your lovely messages of support.  Have a great weekend!



Emma said...

Lots of lovely goodies! Glad you took the chance to have a bit of retail therepy :)

Try not to rush back into EVERYthing now that you have time to yourself , you've hardly been having a holiday - when you care for someone you might worry more than you think.

Enjoy making your April quilt. I'm asking stitchers advice, if you don't mind, what sewing machine do you use? I need to bite the bullit & invest!

Jan said...

I am pleased to hear your Mum's progress is going in the right direction ,I love those buttons ,as you say they could lead on to all sorts of interesting projcts and the material is delightful Jan xx

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Just love those buttons! What a lovely village and a patchwork shop as well. Hope your mother's health continues to improve.

Cameron said...

Julie, I think that I have told you before that I live across the pond-in the US. I do pray for your Mum to get better. Mine is now 88, and is becoming more frail, so many positive thoughts go in your direction. I love reading your posts and have missed them, but sure understand. Bless you and your Mum. Cameron

Angela said...

I'm glad your mum is on the mend. I love the buttons you bought, I have a soft spot for nice buttons.

maggi said...

I am so glad that your mother is progressing even though it is slower than she would have liked. Those buttons are gorgeous, no wonder you bought them.

Heather said...

Love the buttons - so unusual - and your panel. Those curtains are interesting and a new colourway will transform them. It's better that your Mum's progress is slow and sure though I understand her eagerness to be better more quickly. More of this lovely weather will be a help. There's nothing like a bit of warm sunshine and fresh air to make us all feel good.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

I'm so glad to hear your Mum is getting better and that you found these nice goodies along your way!

Even if you don't have the time to use them in your art work right now, at least you can make up plans for them in your imagination - and that is part of the pleasure as well!

sweetypie said...

you are a busy bee love the curtains love it all!

KindredSpirit said...

charity shops rule! i picked up a lovely cigar case for £1 yesterday! Love the buttons