Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunny day

Yesterday DH and I took advantage of a beautiful sunny day to have a ride out with a view to taking time to check out my new camera.  We ended up at Naturescape, a wildflower farm near Nottingham which we visited at a similar time last year. 
Probably because of the cold winter Spring is a little bit behind and the cowslips were only just beginning to come out but primroses near the cafe were giving a lovely display.
I think this is hawthorn (or it may be wild plum).  I took the photo on Macro Zoom but unfortunately the image is grainy so I shall have to experiment more.  Maybe a tripod would be better.
DH spent quite a while trying to spot a robin singing high in a tree.
He also threw himself wholeheartedly into getting the shot he wanted (and nearly fell in a pond in the process!).
On the way home we stopped off to have a look at some very sweet lambs.
The noticeboard at Naturescape showed that someone had seen a swallow recently but we couldn’t spot any, although we did have the pleasure of watching a Red Kite rising on thermals above the field of sheep. 
My nephew (the one who’s just become a Daddy) has just set up a website showcasing his photography so if you’ve got a minute and are interested in photography have a look here.  I know I’m biased but he has some beautiful photographs.
Have any of you been affected by the Iceland ash cloud?  Two of our friends are stranded in Singapore trying to get home from a holiday in New Zealand.  I feel very sorry for them as G is struggling with severe back pain and they are both tired after their special holiday which involved a lot of travelling so they just want to come home, but there doesn’t seem to be any chance of that for the moment.  I must admit it’s very strange not to see any vapour trails in the sky.  I have heard a few light aircraft flying over from time to time but that’s all. 


Heather said...

Lovely seasonal pics Julie. I don't photograph anything which necessitates lying down - I might not be able to get up again!! Our son and his wife were due to fly to Italy tomorrow so disappointment for them. I hope the Queen was at Windsor this weekend - she could enjoy sitting in her back garden without the constant roar of jumbo jets overhead! Just going to check out your nephew's photos.

Guzzisue said...

strange not to have lights in the sky, we see planes turning to approach the airport and the sun usually glints off the wings making them look like UFOs as they seem to be in the same place forever, new camera ? enjoy :-)

maggi said...

Such lovely photos. I am glad you enjoyed your day, especially as it appears to be back to the rain today. I spent the day at Diseworth, next to the East Mids Airport yesterday and it was so quiet.

Jan said...

Hi Julie ,What lovely pictures yes spring is late but getting here slowly ,My neice and her husband have been saving for and looking forward to a holiday of a lifetime in Austrailia ,and my hard working daughter wasnt able to go to Spain ,aiadont know what is worse being stranded or holiday cancelled Jan xx


I love the photo of your DH getting the shot he wanted and had to laugh :o)

Also love your hawthorn flower photo. Very very pretty!

Have a good week. Will email in a day or two. Busy again today moving more stash to the loft space to make way for new furniture coming :o(


ju-north said...

Lovely pics! Which camera did you go for?

freebird said...

Enjoyed looking through some of your nephews pictures. That peacock is fantastic and the dog in the snow reminded me of my dogs on the rare occasion we have snow enough for them to play in. Thanks for sharing.