Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Toys Have Arrived

Do you remember me saying I'd sent for a piece of equipment for feltmaking that I thought would be useful for mark making and printing too?  Well, it's arrived.  I'm really excited by both the sprayer and the rolling pin as I think I will be able to get some interesting effects from them.  The sprayer comes to pieces so I should be able to wash it out well enough if I use it for dyes, which is what I have in mind..  If it works I shall buy 2 or 3 more so that I have one for reds, one for blues etc.  The olive oil soap will be grated and dissolved in warm water to soap the wool fibres for felting.  It leaves your hands feeling lovely and soft as well as giving a lovely lather with the felt.

Unfortunately, I haven't had chance to have a play with anything  yet as I've now got a strain at the base of my spine and I can't do much of anything.  What am I like?!  I've been struggling since Monday evening and I finally gave in today and went to an Osteopath who has suggested some treatment and helped me by easing the troublesome muscles.  The pain has subsided this evening but I'm not supposed to do much except potter about for the next few days and not do anything repetitive, so felt making is definitely out and I suppose printing is too :o(  Maybe I could just manage a little dyeing? lol

You've probably noticed that I've not been blogging since last week.  The main reason is I've got involved in tracing my family history on the internet.  How addictive is that?  I've spent way too long on the laptop but it's been very interesting so far.  Too early to say if there's any skeletons in the cupboard ;o) (Probably hasn't helped my back though).

Hopefully my back will continue to improve over the weekend and I can get back to my projects.  I'm getting behind on the Journal Quilts already and as for Festival of Quilts.......yikes!

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Gina said...

I hope your back is better soon Julie.

DILLY said...

Mummy want kno ware buy felty stuff, as Mummy be into felt gen now-??

Mummy hert bottom ov bak too!
Be hip bones, mostly.
Hav tummy ayke too,
but be sumthing do wiv time ov munth.

If trace famly tree, goin yewz Genes Re-utd?

Dilly an Mummy yewz,
be on Genes Re-utd 2 weeks,
then distant cuzzin in tutch.
Distant cuzzin say,
"Hewo! Traced famly bak to 1680, want to kno detayles?"
Mummy say YIPPEE!
Now hav long long tree,
not mutch werk.

Good, mweah?

Feronia said...

Hope your back is feeling better soon, Julie. I have been in much the same boat these last few weeks.

I'd like to get started on our family tree - been thinking of doing it for a while - thanks for reminding me!

Jan said...

Oh you poor thing ,I know all about back pain so can sympathise ,and yes sitting in one position ie on the commputer does tend to aggravate it ,feel better soon Jan xx

Marlis said...

i hope your back is better soon! unfortunately, i know too much about back pain...

Pat said...

Love your new toys, hope your back allows you to play soon so we can see what you do with them. If you come across Benjamin Bigland on your travels let me know, he his the mystery man on my family tree. Have fun it is addictive.

Odile said...

I hope your back is feeling today.
So, I began our family tree. It 's very interessing.

ju-north said...

Get better soon! I remember hearing the crack of bones ...

Heather said...

Do hope your back is soon more comfortable Julie - take care. I can see that felt making would not be the best pastime right now! Never mind - all in good time. One of our daughters is tracing our family history - it is fascinating but very time consuming.

maggi said...

Hope your back recovers soon Julie. Felting is not the best thing to do when you are suffering like that. If you don't want to go to the trouble of grating the soap it works just as well rubbing it straight on to the fibres.

Elizabeth said...

Back problems are miserable!! I am sending muscle relaxing wishes your way!! I love the looks of that sprayer- oh the possibilities!!!! The olive oil soap is also a wonderful idea- I must invest in some of that!! Anxious to hear how the sprayer works with dye!! Take it easy and be good for yourself!!

Jacquelines blog said...

I am very curious what you are going to do with those tools :-) I'll hope you feel better soon.

pam said...

Oh hope your back gets better soon - I am certain that you can manage some small crafty things whilst pottering!! Oh wow and you might find you have mega important skeletans in the cupboard too - good luck

Wendy Coyne said...

Tracing your family is highly addictive, highly confusing (relatives lie), and expensive. Guess how I know. Next time we meet I can bore you to tears with tales of my trials and tribulations of finding just my two grand-fathers, and I knew who there were!
The trail will keep you happily busy whilst your back is out of action. p.s. don't pay more than £6.50 for your certificates

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing. I really sympathise and know how frustrating backs can be. At least you have your lovely new toys to look forward to. I have not tried dying with my bulb sprayer, as I assumed it would get clogged up, but am interested to hear how you get on. Take care and speedy recovery!
Penny :)

Genie said...

Hi Julie
Hope your back is better soon,
love the toys, I have been tracing our Families for the last 6 years, did find one who was transported for Highway robbery, he escaped then recaptured and died.still trying to solve lots of mysteries.
have a good week

sweetypie said...

hope you feel better soon any signs of crinkle? hope we see you tomorow night..

silverpebble said...

Oh Julie, so sorry to hear about your back. What a pain (literally). I do hope the thought of felty magic to be made with those lovely new tools cheers you a little x

Jackie said...

I have just caught up after a few missed posts and am delighted to see you now have the 'not an enema kit' for felt making!
As for the family tree...I was interested in mine once, but when I think of how many distant living relatives I have that I am never in touch with I don't really relish adding more to the guilt! and certainly don't want a whole lot of dead ones.
Hope your back gets better soon. I am a big fan of 'Deeeeep heeeeeat'.