Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Parfait Dyeing


I’ve been having to find things to do that don’t involve too much stretching or bending at the moment so I’ve been dyeing some calico with thoughts of my FOQ entry in mind.  This turquoise colour should actually be a little more on the yellow side than my photo is showing.  I parfait dyed two lengths of calico in a container with turquoise and navy dyes and let them sit overnight.  I think I should have washed them out after a few hours instead of leaving them overnight so that the colour would have been a little less intense but my dyeing is always a hit and miss affair.  I always mean to make notes as I go along but forget in the heat of the moment.


Earlier last week I made what I hope will be a panel to go in the centre of the quilt.


The panel was made by layering various fabrics, machine stitching, leaving the edges raw and then I painted the piece with fabric paints.

My original plan was to stitch this panel on the background and add machine stitching, embroidery and found objects from my many walks on St Ives beach.   Now I’m thinking that this isn’t going to work on a purely blue background so I am going to do some sketchbook work with collage to see if it will be better to piece the background to include a beachy coloured foreground.  I think I was looking for a quick way of working but now I can see that I need to get back to basics and make a test piece.  If I get it right it can be my next journal quilt for the Contemporary Quilt group. 

I’m pleased to say my hip/bum/back is improving.  Another session with the osteopath has helped today so I have great hopes that next week’s session will be the last.  By then I shall just be back to the normal middle-aged aches and pains I usually have! LOL


Françoise said...

Beautiful colours in your dyed fabrics. Yummy!
I must dye fabric too for my next quilt but life keeps getting in the way...
Have a good day.

Gina said...

You'll need to have your back all better by the weekend after next! Love the turquioise colour although I confess never having heard of parfait dyeing before!

Angela said...

I enjoy seeing your dyeing experiments they are always colourful. The little panel is cute.

Heather said...

Glad your back is improving - there is always something! Love the colours you have got with your dyeing - I haven't heard of parfait dyeing before. I tend to get random results when dyeing but rather like the surprise element. You can always overdye for another project if it isn't quite right. The whole 'St. Ives' design sounds lovely - I'm sure you'll get it to work.

WendyK said...

Hi Julie, love the little sea panel, great colours. I haven't heard of parfait dyeing either. I haven't made a quilt for centuries, it's on my to do list.

pam said...

I love the colour of the dyed fabrics - they are my daughters favourites. The little panel is gorgeous. Glad you are on the mend, look forward to seeing you weekend after next.

maggi said...

I love the colours in your dyed fabrics, even if they are not quite what you were aiming for. The panel will look good in the centre and I look forward to seeing it hanging in August. Glad that you are getting some respite from the pain.

JP said...

you have achieved some lovely colours - glad you are feeling better


Your dyed pieces are such beautiful St. Ives sea colours Julie. I hope the panel works out how you want it. I'm slowly catching up bit by bit with things. I've been working on my goldwork piece and my KISS quilt as well as giveaway prizes, a swap and a doll, so will start my FOQ piece after that!! phew!!

Chat soon I hope!

Carolyn xx

Emma said...

Love your panel & the raw edges.

I didn't say I made something from EVERY blog I find, that would take more than the rest of my life!(don't want to mislead!)

Speaking of backs, hips, shoulders & elbows & hands (!)I must go & do some gardening! The sun is shining enticingy & boy does it need a clear up!

Will you tell us all what parfait dyeing is?!

sweetypie said...

if thats as bright as it looks then I love it,love it, love it!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I am sorry yu ar still herting.
I hope the Bears ar helping to carfter yu with tea an stuff. See if Mr Julie can organise them to do a run up and down yor bak. We do that to Mummy's bak sumtimes an she sez it helps. Best they tayke thare boots off ferst.

I think that's a luvly bloo culler, yoov got thare. Granny's ize ar that kind ov bloo.

Julie said...

Heather, Wendy, Pam and JP, thank you for your lovely comments :)

Bob, what a good idea! Mr Julie is rounding up the bears for a bear walk! I think they'll work up to a run. lol

Val said...

Hi Julie - so pleased to hear your back is definitely getting better. Love the centre panel - gorgeous colours!