Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Rust Play (again)

After setting up the sundyeing the other day I also set up a collection of fabrics with rust dyeing. We recently took down a very old shed for a friend of ours and she kindly allowed me to scavange lots of interesting rusty bits for my collection! Yum! The warm weather was the ideal time to have a play.


I wet the fabric first and then shook white vinegar all over it (in a cat litter tray) and wrapped each fabric with a collection of metal. You may be able to see that one of the objects was a metal wheel on a stem (top left) along with washers and nuts. I also threw in a handful of salt crystals to see what effect that had. Once wrapped the parcels were placed in a sealable plastic bag and a little more vinegar and small amount of water added. Not very scientific but I can never remember what you're supposed to do and luckily this time it worked fine. I think the salt resulted in a quicker reaction than would have been the case without it.


As you can see I've got some exciting results! If you click on the image and enlarge you may be able to see that I used wing nuts, nuts and bolts, washers, nails, screws and some flat angled pieces of metal. The fabric in the bottom left corner is bamboo cloth which I bought from a well known doorstep household sale company. (Ok It's Betterware! No affiliation).


As usual I don't yet know what I will use this fabric for but I may have a go at overdyeing some of it. Some of the marks are reminiscent of landscape textures so they may well be incorporated into that type of work.

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maggi said...

There are some lovely textured pieces here. They have all worked really well. Good use of the Little Gem too.

fiona d said...

these are fantastic rust dyeings - looking forward to seeing them appear in works to come.

Julie said...

Thanks Fiona, I'm getting quite a collection of rust fabrics so I shall have to get round to using some of them.