Friday, 11 September 2009

Gifts in the post

I have been looking in at Gail's blog for some time and she recently had a giveaway. Gail has been working on a series of 52 projects inspired by Jeanne Williamson and her book 'The Uncommon Quilter' and is very close to completing her own 52 projects. (You'll have to excuse the fact that my photos have loaded the wrong way round with the postcard second).


I am very intrigued by this photograph above which features an image from Gail's recent holiday in Italy. I think it is taken from an altered book and I really like it. I shall have to keep it somewhere safe to incorporate into my journal of Italy if we ever get there! (We should have gone on a coach trip this year but it was cancelled).

This very appealing postcard features Gail's images of Portofino which I have recently found out was the inspiration for Clough Williams Ellis beautiful Italianate village, Portmeirion in North Wales. It's a beautiful card Gail, thank you so much. I am in awe of the fact that Gail has managed to complete 52 projects, all very different and she has made a point not to give up on any piece. Whatever problem she has faced has been overcome and I'm sure there has been lots of learning along the way. I am very tempted to follow suit but I don't think I would have Gail's dedication. It would be a great way of developing skills tho, wouldn't it? I am a bit tempted......
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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I think yu shud do sumthing for eech yeer ov yor life, wiv sumthing to do wiv wun yeer on eech item. Yu cud do it owt of cronological order if yu like so yu wuddent get bord. An enyway it wuddent be as menny as 52 then wud it?

Julie said...

Ooh Bob! Thank you so much! You know how to flatter a girl. Clever you to know I'm only 21! ;-))


Oh wow - thanks for sharing this with us Julie. The work is absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring and of course I love all that RED. I will have to do more research on Gail. I do hope you get to Italy Julie. It is one of my most favourite countries to visit

Bye for now

Gail P said...

Thanks for such a lovely post! I'm blushing! The top post card is a copy of a page I did for the Altered Books 10th anniversary book. I printed the photo directly onto a page torn from a book and then painted and stamped around the photo. Here's hoping that you get to Italy some day soon! It was amazing.