Sunday, 13 September 2009


The workshop today went ahead in two parts. This morning we concentrated on investigating the various ways of couching. My rather insignificant looking sample is in the centre above. I worked with several different weights of thread and touched on filling a shape. I think I've ended up with a Christmas tree! You will see that we used two styles of couching stitch, the Bukhara method which involves a short upright stitch and the Romanian method which involves a diagonal stitch. It's surprising how long these little samples take and the design possibilities are endless. I can see how texture could be achieved by combining layers of this style of stitching in thick and fine thread.
After lunch we explored the possibilities of using the suzani designs as inspiration for applique work. Jane had provided some patterns for speed and I have to confess I took this route to save time. The green piece above is the start of my sample. I have used dupion silk throughout and am couching a perle variegated thread around the edge of each piece. This time a fine thread is being used to couch the thicker thread down.
Both the Bukhara and Romanian couching methods offer endless design possibilities and the action of stitching is very relaxing and meditative. A very pleasant way to spend a Sunday.
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maggi said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, what great pieces. Sounds like you enjoyed the workshop too.