Sunday, 5 July 2009

Easton Walled Garden

Easton Walled Garden is close to the A1 between Stamford and Grantham and as you might expect there is plenty of ammunition for the camera!



I can't resist making collages of photos and you can see there were plenty of design and texture ideas at the gardens. (Also a collage is a lazy way of loading lots of photos! lol)



The main house at Easton was demolished in the 1950's after being damaged during wartime requisitioning but some of the ancillary buildings remain and provide a beautiful backdrop to the gardens. You should be able to click on the collage to get a clearer view of the gardens. I love the rust structure at the top which is a feature in the gardens. The wild flowers in the top left are planted in small areas under trees and I think this idea would transfer really easily to a small garden. The patch was no more than 3 feet square so you don't need much space for a wildflower area at home.


If you're ever passing along the A1 it's worth checking Easton's opening hours and calling in. It's beautiful at any time of the year. ( No affiliation).

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Heather said...

Easton's Walled Garden looks wonderful and I'm sure your photos have done it justice. I love the view through the stone archway and that rusty sculpture. The flower beds are amazing - so much inspiration.

Dot said...

How beautiful! Your photo's are stunning as always.
Dot xx

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