Sunday, 5 July 2009

Another Little Quilt Swap

This is the first of a two part post today as Picasa will only load photos from one location at a time :( ~

Yesterday we had our monthly playday which is supposed to be a painting based playday but for me it is increasingly becoming a textile playday. I had decided to try and progress my ALQS quilt on with a view to getting it finished in the next day or two. I spent a lot of time deciding on the fabrics I wanted to add to the base fabric and then on their arrangement and I have to thank my friends for their input which influenced the final arrangement (thanks Ann!).



I think the colours I am working with are particularly difficult to get right on a monitor but you will get the general idea. The smallest squares have some gorgeous little patches of metallic paint on which catch the light. (I've just had a look at the enlarged pic and it is much too blue, there is more purple throughout and the lightest squares are a gorgeous blue/red organza. Doh!)


The backing and wadding are now in place and I have to decide on my quilting stitch. I think I'm about there so fingers crossed for a clear day tomorrow to get it finished, well at least ready for the binding. Here's a question - dark binding or light coloured? I favour a dark binding. I don't feel I can use the same fabric as the base althugh it may just work!
Today we took a leaf out of Angela's book and went to Easton Walled Garden which is just a few miles away to enjoy their Sweet Pea Week. The gardens were at their peak I would say and we spent a few lovely hours among beautiful flowers - photos to follow below.

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Heather said...

This is going to be stunning - it is already. How could you bear to part with it, even for a swap! I'll look forward to seeing it finished, and yes, dark binding.

Julie said...

Thank you Heather and for the binding advice too. :-) I was going to make 2 of these but I am now going to cut up the second piece and use part for my Journal Quilt (and to practise this quilting on) and hopefully one for a Little Gem. I just need 48 or better, 72 hours in the day at the moment!