Thursday, 9 July 2009

Another Little Quilt Swap

I don't know how I've managed it, other than by plain stubbornness, but I've actually completed my quilt for Another Little Quilt Swap. I've called it "Meander" after the stitch detail I have put through the quilt and the meander of the appliqued squares.


Note: The hanger is not part of the quilt

I wrote about the design of the quilt here and since Saturday I have stitched a meander design through the quilt in a red metallic thread and then quilted the remainder. Finally I added some gold feather stamps to lift one or two areas. The backing fabric is this traydyed cotton and I have used it for the binding too.



This quilt has been a considerable challenge and I have really enjoyed it. I wanted to make a wholecloth and explore printing and stamping and I have let the cloth lead me most of the way. It has been fun experimenting and I have also got a Journal quilt for June and several pieces of stamped fabric to play some more with. Yay! One small problem, I've been doing so much sewing I think I've got RSI! My thumbs and fingers are giving me jip! I think some rest is called for!

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sandra wyman said...

This is beautiful, Julie. Take care of your hands though!

kiwicarole said...

Hi Julie, it looks like you've had real fun working on this! Great results too!

Heather said...

Your quilt is great Julie. I shall have tired hands tomorrow as I have been gardening all morning and am just about to go and do some more. Sometimes I work on a 'what'll make it bad will make it better' basis, and other times I take a rest for a few days. Hope your hands soon recover.