Thursday, 11 June 2009

Now is the time to say 'Goodbye'

We've said our 'Goodbyes' to Dorothy today and sent her on to her next hosts, Bob T Bear Esq and Dilly


We have really enjoyed having Dorothy staying with us and it's been surprising how many people have joined in with the spirit of the thing when we have been out and about with her. I didn't want to add to the weight of her parcel too much but I had to make her a little jacket to keep her warm during her travels.



This is the back view, beautifully modelled by Dorothy,



and here is the front view with its Evolon lining. I needed to use something that wouldn't fray for the lining and Evolon fitted the bill. Dorothy is now inside the box she's sitting on and on her way to Bob and Dilly in Essex. Bon Voyage, Dorothy!

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Tooooo cuuuuuuuute!!!
Love the lil jacket xx

Jackie said...

If only we could all stick ourselves in a box and post ourselves off to somewhere else. Oh well I suppose we all do in the end..oh sorry!

Diana said...

I love the jacket, Julie - could you scale it up to human size?!!

Julie said...

Diana, now there's a thought! Thank you for leaving me a comment :o)