Monday, 8 June 2009


By the time I've finished you will probably be bored to tears with our Welsh holiday but this is the reason that we went to Wales last week.



The laburnum arch at Bodnant Gardens, just outside Conwy in North Wales, is famous and I have been wanting to see it for more than 20 years. As it flowers in late Spring there is only a small window of time to see the fantastic display and until this year I have never been in Wales at the appropriate time.



The arch fairly drips long tassels of gorgeous yellow flowers and the smell, something I wasn't expecting, was wonderful!



We were so blessed to see the arch at its absolute best and under such wonderful light conditions. The sun cast a beautiful light through the plant and onto the ground.



Needless to say my DH and I both took loads of photographs and I could not get enough of standing under this fantastic canopy! Well, I had waited over 20 years for my moment so I wasn't going to waste it :o))

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Helen Suzanne said...

this is amazing Julie, beautiful pics too

Heather said...

Beautiful photos Julie and a wonderful sight. Worth waiting for I'd say.

Marlis said...

all your pics from the trip to wales are beautiful julie! thanks for sharing.
we have been in wales a couple of years ago after festival of quilts and really enjoyed it. unfortunately, i didn't know mags back then - i started blogging later...

Moogsmum said...

Oh wow Julie - it's wonderful!! Well worth waiting for too :-)


imac said...

It was meant to be Darling.

Gina said...

Not in the least bored! Your photographs are amazing. No wonder you've wanted to see that laburnum arch - it's stunning!

Jackie said...

You have really caught the essence of it. I really wanted to fo this year but we went to Norfolk instead.
Which was great.


So glad you made it and realised a dream ...

DeeMom said...

awesome pictures
what a place

Fiona Whitehead said...

How beautiful - I bet the smell was incredible - I lived near North Wales for nearly 20 years and never went there - my mum now lives in Flint so maybe I'll get a chance one day to visit. Got to love Wales!!!