Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Day Out


This last week has flown by and although I've been floating round the blogs I haven't managed to post myself. Like quite a lot of other people in blogland blogging seems to be taking a bit of a back seat at the moment especially since the weather has warmed up and the evenings are lighter.


I have been working on my Quilt Swap fabrics and getting samples ready for a little expo I am doing at my next quilter's group meeting but I don't have any photos to show yet.


Although we should have been doing a million other things like hoovering, dusting, cleaning the windows blah de blah today I pursuaded my husband that it would be a good idea if we went to our local National Trust property, Belton House, for a few photos and for me to have a go at taking some rubbings of bark on fabric. I didn't get too many funny looks and came away with some reasonable rubbings which I have yet to iron-set and photograph. When we got to Belton we found that the basement and original servant rooms were open to the public so we diverted for a look round. There were some wonderful textures in the floor and wall surfaces in these old rooms and the collage at the top of this post is a collection of some of the images of the day.


My blogging is likely to be even sparser over the coming month as I have several projects to complete and my Mum is coming to stay so I hope you'll excuse me if I'm not around so much. Maybe a blogging break would be a good idea to revitalise my slightly flagging enthusiasm. Mind you, I will definitely be blogging after Tuesday as I am taking a workshop with the famous and lovely Gina Ferrari and I will be bursting to tell you all about it! Maybe I should be practising my free machining before then? By the way, Gina, I found the safe place where my requirements list was hiding! In a pouch I thought would be a good holder for my fabric for Tuesday! Doh!


Hope you're all having a good weekend. See you soon!

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Gina said...

Famous and lovely... are you sure you are not confusing me with someone else??? Looking forward to Tuesday. We'll have fun!

Jackie said...

Oh do make sure you take hundreds of pictures! And don't be a stranger in blogland.

Heather said...

Looking forward to hearing about the workshop and I love those collaged images - very inspirational. Have a lovely visit with your Mum and we'll enjoy seeing and hearing about whatever you've been up to when you have the time.

Genie said...

Have a great time, look forward to seeing results.


Love your new header, although I miss the picture of St. Ives!

Love the photo of the textiles you posted, lovely colours and textures!

Hope you have a great day with Gina. I am sure you will enjoy the day and learn loads of new things. Hope to see loads of pictures!

Hope you enjoy a little bit more time to yourself over the next few weeks with your mum and your impending holiday. I have sent you an email

I shall pop back and visit you after your Tuesday workshop to see how you got on. Good luck and have fun!