Monday, 29 June 2009

Another Little Quilt Swap

Yesterday saw me slaving over the ironing not housework, I was heat setting the bark rubbings from Saturday!


These rubbings above were made on voiles, a satiny fabric (the brown), and a lovely crinkly voiley fabric (technical terms!).
I really liked the effect on the crinkly fabric which I had coloured with 2 colours of fabric crayon and thought it would sit well on my swap fabric so I cut it into 4 pieces and frayed the edges and machined it on with a variegated cotton.


As you can see I had previously stamped the fabric with a text stamp.

While we were at Belton on Saturday I picked up lots of Canada Goose feathers and made some more prints across the surface with these. I was a bit heavy handed in one or two places so the next challenge is to knock these back a bit.

This is my practice piece and I've used a large butterfly stamp with gold paint on this and I like the effect so that may be the next step for my swap quilt. Coming further to the front of my mind is how to stitch the quilt. I enjoy hand sewing so maybe that is the road I will go down. Watch this space!

It's my Mum's 84th birthday today so Happy Birthday Mum! See you soon!
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Gina said...

You've created some very interesting surfaces Julie. Lovely!

Heather said...

These fabrics are stunning - I love the idea of incorporating stamping and printing onto fabric. You must be so pleased with the results you have achieved. Happy Birthday to your Mum - I hope she has a lovely day.

Julie said...

Thank you Heather, I do like working in layers and so far this is going ok. I spoke to my Mum this morning and she had had over 40 cards so far! Phew!


Your samples are absolutely gorgeous and to dye for!! I love them Julie

Nice to see a little bit of St. Ives back on your blog and happy birthday to your Mum xx

Genie said...

Happy Birthday To your Mum Julie
love the work you have done.
have a great week

Jacquelines blog said...

Looks great Julie!

Angela said...

Your fabrics are lovely. Happy birthday to your mum.

MargaretR said...

How lovely Julie. I shared your blog with Serentex at the weekend. we were looking at the Little Gem quilts.

A very happy birthday to your Mum.

Feronia said...

Gorgeous work, Julie! And a happy birthday to your Mum.

Julie said...

Thank You Feronia! You have a beautiful name!

Moogsmum said...

Gorgeous fabrics Julie - I love the gold butterfly stamp. Hand sewing would be lovely on that surface.

Happy Birthday to your Mum!!