Monday, 4 May 2009


Here's another shot of his stall. You should be able to click on and enlarge the photo.



In a much more sensible place inside the church was another talented artist who managed to part me from my money :o) Sharon Dickinson works in pewter and silver making jewellery, mirrors and plaques making beautiful work to her own designs. If you click on the link to Sharon's website you'll be able to see more of her range and see where she normally sells her wares.



I treated myself to this lovely little mirror which is about 10" tall. It has a lovely wave detail top and bottom and I shall enjoy hanging it in my studio, when I get the floor fixed. Her initial letter plaques are absolutely beautiful and I will definitely be contacting her before long to have one made for me and maybe one for a gift too. Sharon's prices are very reasonable too. (No affiliation, just an admirer).

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Helena said...

I wish we could have gone shopping together!!!

alcoholinky said...

well if I'd been nearer I would have visited!

Jackie said...

That mirror is very pretty. does she have a website?

L'Hélène said...

Wow, that's a beautiful piece you picked up there!

maggi said...

Glad the weather didn't spoil things for you. Haven't spoken to my cousin yet to see how she got on - at least she was under cover!