Monday, 4 May 2009

Did I mention yesterday that my DH had been busy in the garden? Well, I thought I'd show you what he's been doing. I suppose I should have posted a 'before' pic but I was too ashamed of the state we had let the garden get into. He's out there again today and it's freezing! Bless! I'm having to hold myself back from supervising, (a) because it's cold and (b) because if I did I'd be nagging constantly "Don't dig that up!", "I told you not to touch that one!", "Oh no! You've massacred my .......!" You get the picture, and it's very ungrateful of me as it really does need a good sort out so I'll just have to live with the 'mistakes' he makes. Anyway, it'll be a good excuse to buy some new plants won't it? One drawback though.........I shall be in charge of garden maintenance once it's tidy as DH doesn't 'do' weeding. It's full scale massacre or nothing! :o))
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Helena said...

I know what you mean. I'd been at my mum's a few days once, and when I got home K said he'd done some weeding. I hated to tell him, but he'd actually cultivated weeds and pulled up my chrysanthemums!

Gail P said...

lovely to see your yard!