Friday, 8 May 2009


Gratuitous photo that has nothing to do with the post but I had to put something here!

Some time last week I came across a blog that had a link to someone who was collecting quilts for the children affected in the Aquila earthquake in Italy. I went shopping for suitable fabric, came home've guessed it, I can't find the post! Has anyone else come across this in their meanderings? I don't know what size to make the quilt or where to send it. Doh! If it rings a bell or you spot it in your meanderings this weekend please point me in the right direction. Thank you!

Meanwhile, Have a lovely weekend!


Heather said...

Sorry, I can't help you but I love the garden chalet you've posted and want one to hide in when life gets too hectic - like right now!! I'll keep a look out while blog hopping this evening and let you know if I come across what you are looking for.

Julie said...

Thank you Heather :o) The chalet is my workroom for wet stuff but it's out of bounds till I get the floor repaired. I'm a lucky girl to have the space tho :o) Just wish I could keep it tidy-ish!

maggi said...

Julie, just found the details - I am emailing them to you

Dave said...

Hi Julie, have you tried checking your browser history for the blog link?

DB xx

Julie said...

Hi Dave. Thanks, yes I did have a look thro but no luck. Mind you I go to so many blogs it's like looking for a needle in the proverbial :o)

freebird said...

It's too bad about the floor. We don't have that problem here in the desert but we have so much heat and dust it's hard to keep a little building cool and clean. I wish I had the extra space for both company and my art stuff. I truly have no more room in my house for it and not near enough surface to work on so I end up not even starting a lot of projects. All the plants around yours looks so nice to me too.

I haven't heard about a quilt project.