Sunday, 24 May 2009

Dorothy and the birds

I am so delighted that our nest box has been visited again this year by a family of blue tits. DH and I have spent quite a lot of time watching the comings and goings from our conservatory. If you enlarge the photograph below you should be able to see Mr blue tit doing a little DIY to adjust the size of the entrance hole into the box. This seems to be a regular pastime for him when he's not flying around hunting for bugs for his offspring.
Our American visitor took a turn at box watching and was rewarded for her efforts as you can see if you click on the photograph below.
It was hard to pull Dorothy away from her box watch despite the beating sun and the blue tit kept his eye on her from the safety of the box.
I feel so privileged that the blue tits have decided to use our nest box this year. It is on an east facing fence which I think they must like as it gets the sun in the morning but does get shade as the day goes on. In previous years the clematis has provided rather more shade at this time of year but I think it had a severe pruning last year so it's a bit slow getting going this year. The blue tits don't seem to be bothered by our comings and goings in the garden and when I do pass near to the box I can hear the babies' tiny sqeaks calling out for food.
Tomorrow, depending on the weather, we are planning to take a walk round our home town with Dorothy to take some photographs for South Haven Elementary School as our home town has a significant place in history being the home of the first woman Prime Minister of Britain and the place of education of Sir Isaac Newton. It was also once called 'the most boring town in England' by a radio DJ but I believe that mantle has since passed to some other unsuspecting location. Whatever you are doing tomorrow have a great day!
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I am envious of your bird box. We have had boxes in the garden and not a single "sniff" at them! Not sure what we are doing differently to you, but I have just read out your blog to my own DH and he is thinking about it! Hope all is well xox

Gina said...

How lovely to watch the birds in the garden. We have a family of blackbirds - a male and a female and three young - but they are showing rather too much interest in my new vegetable seedlings!

Mrs. Salty said...

I am happy to see Dorothy out enjoying birds and your beautiful backyard!

Julie said...

Thank you Mrs Salty :o) We did have a tidy up before Dorothy came so it looks a bit better now.