Sunday, 24 May 2009


On 1 May I showed my bundles for Seth Apter's Disintegration project but I did not open up the bundles as they had not been out in the elements as long as some of the other participants bundles had. Today my curiosity got the better of me and I undid 3 of the parcels.
The bundle above had been hanging in a lilac bush and the one below had been hanging on a trellis. As you can see so far there have not been many changes other than a little bleeding of pigment and some transfer of rust from the can to the paper. The bundle below shows even less obvious change, just some transfer of dye from the handmade paper to the watercolour paper and various damp/mildew marks.
The bundle in the collage below is the one that I am really excited about. This has been laying on top of plants in a container and has absorbed much more moisture than the other parcels. There was a cut up photograph in the package and its surface has altered and taken on the imprint of the outer fabric (couldn't get a photograph of that part). There are some lovely colour and texture effects and I can't wait to dry this bundle out and have a proper look.
However, we are shortly going for a break away so I will wait till we get back and then dry out all three bundles and see what inspires me. Whatever happens we have a deadline of 1 August to reveal the artwork coming from this experiment. I wonder if the various spiders that crawled out of the bundles would like to be part of the resulting art?
It is a holiday weekend here in the UK and for once we have had scorching weather today. DH and I have spent the day clearing out a shed for an elderly friend and then watching blue tits in the garden rushing backwards and forwards to feed their young. More of that to follow.
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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

We have baby starlings in the garden. They are brown, loud an silly!

Mummy waz reelly intrestid in doin sumthing like yor project till yu menshund the spiders :@}

Julie said...

They were only teeny tiny spiders Bob so maybe Mummy wouldn't mind those? Or maybe you could unwrap the bundle for her and deal with the spiders?


I am as excited as you at the unveiling of the element packages! They have worked out really well. Your collages look amazing and very inspiring. Shall watch with interest as the project develops and shall try to be patient!

Typical bank holiday weather here in St. Ives. Was gorgeous at the weekend but has turned to cloud and drizzle today. Hope you have better weather next week!

Love, Carolyn x


ps. I'm trying to forget the bit about the spiders - I don't want to think about that!

Jacquelines blog said...

What a great experiment!

Seth said...

These all look so good to me. And the description of the effects of nature on the photograph is exactly the thing I hoped would happen. Looking forward to August 1!

Gail P said...

I've been waiting for your unveiling! Looks and sounds like you'll have a lot of items to choose from! Very gool!

Jackie said...

I've enjoyed catching up with your blog posts from the last few days. We were only across the wash from you in Norfolk at the end of last week.
I wonder if those disintegration pieces need a whole winter? I heard someone else saying theirs hadn't changed.
Love the batik exhibition and am hoping for some bluetits in our box.
x(Love to Dorothy)