Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow Dyeing Beauty 2


This gorgeous fabric is from an old damask table cloth of my Mum's (ssh! don't tell her). It has a lovely shamrock pattern on it which I can see here and there through the dyeing. The camera and my computer don't do the colour justice as it's a beautiful greeny turquoise.



The piece above was tray dyed from the excess dye and is very gently coloured as is the piece below which was dyed in the tub. I'm not sure about this colour so I may eventually overdye it as I'm not sure where I would use it but as usual I like the effects of scrunching and tray dyeing.



Oh look! How did that happen? I've started again! lol I am so excited by the results of my snow dyeing that I just had to have another go today before the snow all melts. It is more like ice dyeing today as the snow has melted and frozen overnight so the results will probably be slightly different today. The snow certainly started to melt quicker when I poured the dye on, or maybe that's because my dye water was a little warm? Oops!

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To be continued.....................


marion said...

Nice work, Julie.

mcooter3 said...

These are fabulous - if only it would snow again, I'd be out there with my dyepot! And aren't those damask tablecloths great.....