Sunday, 1 February 2009

January Journal Quilt

For the January Journal Quilt for the Contemporary Quilt group I thought I would dig out an old UFO which I have just discovered was started in September 2007! You can read about its origins here. Originally I intended to use the heat gun on this piece but at the time I found that the felt didn't melt as I expected. Maybe that's why it got put to one side and not finished? Fortunately this piece of weaving is just the right size for the Journal Quilt challenge (12" x 6") so I have added some more hand sewing to it and couched some yarns on the surface. I deliberately chose orange and turquoise to work with as they are complimentary colours.
I have backed the piece with some of the shibori fabric that I made last year and, after trimming to size, finished the edge with my machine's version of satin stitch, otherwise known as several rounds of zigzag.

I have experimented with adding various button embellishments at the bottom but I haven't been able to decide on anything so I am leaving it as it is. What do you think?
I have made some one and a half inchies with the leftover strips (the colours a bit off, the quilt is more true to the actual colour). I will probably add some beads and buttons to these 'inchies' for decoration and may then use them on cards or bookfronts.

This quilt and the inchies are made of a variety of fabrics and fibres including handmade paper, wool, chiffon, scrim and of course, felt and my machine has suffered from an excess of fluff as a result.

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Gina said...

It looks good Julie and I really like the "inchies"- can just see them on the front of cards.

Angela said...

The quilt is lovely, so bright and colourful just what the doctor ordered for days like today. The inchies are cute I think they will make very nice cards.

Annette J said...

I love the CQJP Julie I'm ashamed to say I haven't done mine yet but I will. The inchies are a great idea its a while since I made any you've inspired me to try again.

sandra wyman said...

Looks really good Julie and I love the orange/blue colour scheme - now I'm the one lagging behind (have the design all mapped out but am indulging in hand sewing which I don't often do) but I have the excuse that my cold (which shows no signs of abating) has been joined by a stomach bug ...
and it's snowing too. Grrrr!

Helena said...

A beautiful seaside blu :) I think I would put a lighthouse on the inchy that's bottom right. It looks like a good summer's day at the sea backdrop!

Hope you are keeping warm.

THanks for your email :)

maggi said...

Great start to JQ 2009 and so many useful inchies as a result.

Judy Scott said...

beautiful colours and textures and makes a lovely journal quilt, the colours remind me of the sea side too. Thankyou for the camera advice too will report back when I can get out of the house and visit the store :)Judy x

Moogsmum said...

What a great start to your challenge! I love the colours and the inchies are fab - I agree with Gina, they would look lovely on cards.



Your quilt art and the inchies are really gorgeous - I love your use of colour. Good idea to use the inchies on card fronts!

You could make some painted Tyvek beads in orange and torquoise, they would look nice to finish off your quilt at the bottom. They are easy to make and each one would come out a bit different. I'm sure whatever you use will be perfect and it would be nice to see a picture of how you finish it off at the bottom.

Thanks for sharing this Julie x